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  • why does hivework shop UI have to be so confusing? wheres the write message? wheres the my resources? wheres the upload resources? wheres the add members as friends? why does everything have to be a pain of figuring out our way in the UI. (sadface)
    Welcome to the Hive James Tarrosa!
    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me via Visitor Messages. I hope I'll be able to help you!
    Please read the Rules if you haven't already ( before participating in the site.
    Sorry, I was probably stressed about school and missed your message somehow. Thanks for reminding me. I don't have the power to merge or recover accounts, but if you make a thread in Admin Contact the admins can help you out. Whenever someone wants to contact the staff, we prefer Staff Contact and Admin Contact, because then we can all see it (or only the admins can see it), allowing the appropriate person to step in and resolve the situation.
    How to add bones using MDVLS? Its been awhile since i was modding and I've forgotten how its done. Some threads here I have limited access. idk whats up with that. And as long as were talking where do i go to start a thread? can u send me a link? this new hiveworkshop is very confusing to me. I like the old one so much better. The update is not user friendly. not at all.
    This website is just useless.
    I opened Magos and MDLVS, and the hero glow is not appearing. its replaced by black square. any solution? in MDLVS it has no texture
    The time has come to save the PRS from inactivity!
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    Long live the Pinoy Resources Society!
    OK, What im saying was.. I'd like to merge the actual model and the portrait into one. I tried using anim transfer but my models portrait doesnt talk or open its mouth. It just keeps moving its head. Other alternative I know is matrix eater but it won't run in my PC windows8.
    I don't know; it's hard to find a detailed picture of him to even be sure what he's supposed to look like. All the pictures I could find with him were screenshots with him nothing but a small unit on the screen.

    Also, what happened to your model?
    Hello strongwil!
    Sorry to say this that I won't be able to fulfill your request you've said to me few days ago. Honestly, I haven't played Battle Realms. And for the reason that I have some Real Life things to deal with. I recommend sigelang(he's better than me) or any other artist there. But thank you for the trust. God Bless!
    (for the post below) matrix eater seems to have that option, but you should ask Retera on how it works in flipping the model completely, then tell me as well, since i kinda forgot how-to xD
    Mdlvis supports mirror and mesh editing as well. Is Blender a user friendly tool? I tried milkshape and I find it confusing.
    Blender, Is more on Mesh Making (For me) (With All the Extrude, Mirror or all sort of fancy stuff)
    Mdlvis, Simple, And Nice, Might not have fancy tool like blender but it is good enough
    Matrix Eater, Make by Retera, (Link Matrix Eater
    Well.. It's A lil Complicated, I think you can Find some tutorial on youtube, I think Retera himself upload some of it

    While Blender, Not Really, Depends what you wanna make,
    Wala pa nga date eh. Last year pa yung trailer pero wala pa rin beta yung game. Ano anims mo kay Zymeth at sa monk? Kay Grayback pwede siguro yung kay Arthas. Kay Zymeth ba Lich gamit mo?
    Hey bro :) Pinoy ka? Nice model btw :D been waiting for someone to upload Battle Realms models. Do you plan on making the entire game?
    Actually, You are Talking to yourself instead :O you should click "View Conversation" and then type what you want XD, I didn't realized until i view your profile XD
    Indeed, sir, it is a Unit. I'm thinking, is it perhaps about the sphere or colision shape or some sort. Pardon my ignorance, either way i'll try your advice and see how it goes. thanks for the feedback, btw. its rather helpful.

    haha, it worked, thanks.
    Hmm.. That is not Really the Building's Problem, It's more like how unit behaves, you could use doodad so that i won't dissapear :O, Though Im not sure since i think you are going to make it a unit :O

    Tho, There are some model's are buggy and even you move abit, it is assumed outside you screen (Unit Model Dissapear when it goes out screen, thats how warcraft behave)

    Try this, Open your model with War3modeleditor, go to edit->Calculate Extends->Yes->Save it

    That can sometimes help, if it don't :O Im not sure how XD
    And while we're at it. How to screen capture? I can't seem to capture ingame using "prt sc" button and pasting it in adobe cs6.
    The new problem i got is this; My Mod building tends to disappear when i move around the map, maintaining visual of the buildings placement, of course.
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