SFX: Slice Impact

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Mar 26, 2004
Intro: Hi, first time requesting so forgive me if i do something wrong.

Project: I'm doing an RPG where you use keys for actions (even attacks). That's the main part of what's going on in it.
The attack triggers and spells are done and i wanted to top it off with an effect. It's gonna be a multimap RPG btw, and i can say the 1st one is almost done.

Request 1:
  • Name:
    Slice Impact
  • Type:
    SFX Model
  • Details:
    Imagine someone wielding a sword; swinging it at a foe. Then upon impact a kind of slice effect appears.
    Preferably have a thicker part at it's center to signify where it hit.
    It should be vertical (or slightly angled).
    It should have some sort of an animation, like a trail from startpoint to endpoint of the swing.
  • Images: Not the best image, but best i could find so far.
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Mar 15, 2008
you know what?
you could use a trigger like this :))
  • :)
    • Event
      • Unit - A unit is attacked
    • Conditions
      • Whatever you want
    • Actions
      • Special Effect - Create a special effect attached to the chest of (attacked unit) using Abilities\Weapons\WingedSerpentMissile\WingedSerpentMissile.mdl
      • Special Effect - Destroy (Last Created Special Effect)
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