Server Split / Out of sync MAJOR PROBLEM

Level 3
Jun 21, 2006
OK, hello all, my name is Paul (nickname Blackgaze)

I have spend almost "one year" attempting to cure a server split in my map... I sent a lot of the time when developing on it looking at the triggers over and over again, most server splits are caused by bad coding.


Just recently I have found the cause, When I deleted all the custom units within the map and played online none of the players dropped, I repeated this three times and the same results concluded, no-one dropped.

I would be jumping around the room now if I had it cured, but it isn’t. I might know WHATS causing it but out of the 50-80ish custom units it could be anything.

Does anyone know how custom units can be linked to Server Splits/ Out of Syncs?

Thanks for reading this message, I really wish for guidance.
Level 4
Jul 30, 2007
i have had problems with crashes and slits directly related to unit abilities

some abilities with numbers to high or to low have cause server splits crashes and glitches in my maps

specifically durations of 0 and massive area effects

but without more details that is the best i can offer GL
Level 15
Nov 1, 2004
That sounds about right. One of the maps I'm working on currently has a lot of problems with splits. I optimized the JASS a ton and removed all the significant memory leaks, but there are a lot of custom abilities (hacked AbilityData.slk) and it sounds likely that certain attributes of custom abilities might be to blame.
Level 11
Aug 15, 2004
Yeah it can either be abilities or units, though sometimes it can be the units themselves. If you have for example a negative missile arc that could crash it. Just check if there are any adjustments you make to the abilities or units that probably shouldnt be there, negative values and some zero values are what you should look out for. If you've really spent a year on this then I suppose you could try something like adding units 5 at a time or something and seeing when it crashes, and then you can narrow it down to those 5 and so on.
Level 9
Jun 26, 2005
my wc crash, when i didnt set target attachment number, when i attach something on a attachment point.

but how are you going to play the map when all your custom unit is deleted?

most server split is from too much triggers are used at the same time, such as loop - create unit create unit.....