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Serpent Sword

My first try! Please feel free to drop feedback. It's probably not fitting wc3 at all but you know its still item!

Serpent Sword (Icon)

Is not good, but is not bad. Enough for approval.

The Panda

Icon Reviewer
Level 57
Jun 2, 2008
Thank you, it looks good but a bit choppy at the moment, around the edges of the blade itself put a thick white line there instead of that dark line you have now, itll make the blade seem like its sharp to the touch.
The handle could be worked on also, instead of using that dark gray color for the detailed outlines use a darker brown then use a light orange or tan color to put some highlights on them like this.
You can also maybe zoom into the sword a bit so it isnt so zoomed in, Look through these icons and get a better understanding of positioning and how swords should be presented.
Lastley you could also add some marks in places to make the sword look like its been through a fight or something, and if its a serpent sword maybe add a green aura around it pulsing poison with it.