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SentryTurret Razorback


The Razorback
Originally just for my own use, I decided to remake and share this since it has lots of potential use as a general defense-type structure. This was made some few years back, but I never got around to posting it because of pointless worries over the new ToS that came with reforged. I thought it was about time I finally uploaded this already, lest it'll get delayed again into oblivion haha

Animation Pointers:
Attack = alternating rapid fire for machine gun type
Attack Upgrade = single-fire for cannon type
Stand Alternate = same as regular stand but with the small guards on the side always down
Sutando Redii = Ho~? The enemy is approaching me?
Bone_Head is a parent node for majority of the turret segment's geosets. This means you can give the turret a specific 'home angle' using triggers. Unfortunately, this will reset when the turret starts targeting another unit. This is pretty much just for aesthetics when you want it.
  • Animation - Lock Sentryturret 0001 <gen>'s Head to face Sentryturret 0001 <gen>, offset by (-100.00, 14.00, 5.00)

This trigger makes the sentry on the left face to the west for its default animations.
You can also set an invisible dummy unit as the target unit instead.

There are currently two versions available, they differ only in the portrait setting:
A has the snowy backdrop as I originally made it 'cause it's literally cool as hecc.
B has a regular TC glow background just in case you're a boring person and are against all forms of fun... or maybe you have a good sense of management and want consistency among all resources in your map (in which case I gotchu fam).

Blurred areas are covered by the standard HumanUI portrait mask

Tools Used:
GMAX, Magos' War3 Model Editor
No custom textures

Feel free to tweak and edit it as much as needed, but please do not redistribute, and always remember to give credits!
Or else it's off to the shadowrealm gulag with you, comrade!

SentryTurret RazorbackA (Model)

SentryTurret RazorbackB (Model)

BTNSentryTurret (Icon)

General Frank
A very fine, 'Red Alert' inspired model. Works in-game and perfroms well. Good job.
Level 16
Nov 7, 2011
AAAAA, damn man, this is cool - i may create a futuristic version of it :DDD ...
Eyy nice nice. If there's any way I can help, then let me know. I enjoyed your work on the Futuristic Doodads Pack too :D

I was wondering why the model was so heavy, but the icon is in HD so my bad.
Ah sorry, still kinda rusty to hive 2.0 so I didn't expect the HD icon thing (I half-expected it to automatically scale down to the appropriate size haha).
I've replaced it with an exact 64px version.

Any remaining existing copies of the HD versions are deemed rare collectibles now

You have a way with presentation. :thumbs_up:
Finally someone acknowledges it haha
I almost spend more time playing around with presentations than working on the models themselves. I guess it shows lol
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