Semi transparent tiles

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Level 7
Jun 27, 2014
-Yes I know an Alpha Tile exists, but this is a tad bit different...

As much as it's an easy task, I'm not good with editing in any sort of editor aside the world editor (lmao), so I'd like some semi transparent tiles of grass such as the prehistoric grass and dirt here on hive.

The Idea came to me as I was working on something and recreating a reflection through water. I realized just how much the reflections can be upgraded simply by having a semi transparent tile. Instead of a fully transparent alpha tile - if the use of transparent dirt is used, or semi transparent stone and what-not, it would allow for showing not only the skybox, but the terrain underneath the water - allowing for much smoother reflections, and a realistic approach.

Now imagining that we have transparent stones in that very same area along with the transparent ground - Would it not create a biome which is far superior in appearance than a fully transparent one?
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