SCV Bomberman

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SCV Bomberman

There can be a max of Eight players, and this map can be played single player with the AI, (up to a maximum of 3 extra AI Players) just drag
SCV Bomberman.SC2Map
onto SC2.exe (your desktop shortcut) to play single player offline, or look for the map online on US.

How to Play:
This map is based off of the Multiplayer Gameplay in the Bomberman Series: (since alot of people dont seem to know what bomberman is...)
The objective of this game (and every bomberman game) is just to blow up your opponents, but first you have to create a path to them by blowing up the rocks.

To blow things up, just press either B, 1, or Spacebar to create a bomb under you, and after a few seconds, it will explode in every direction (that being North, South, West, and East), the length of the explosion is determined by how much Firepower you have (this is indicated in the blue window at the bottom of your screen).

When Rocks explode, they can drop powerups which you walk over to get their benefit:

Firepower: The more firepower you have, the bigger your explosions will be.
Max Bombs: This determines how many bombs you can place at one time.
Speed: How fast your character moves.

The last player standing wins each round, and they get one trophy, when they get 3, they win that game.


Move: Right-Click, like any other SC2 map.
Place Bomb: B, 1 or Spacebar.


Forest Arena: Nothing special, just regular bomberman gameplay.
Flood Arena: After some time, the arena will begin to flood with water, if you don't get the waterbreathing item (a warning is given when this item spawns), you will drown.
Temple Arena: Only difference is that there are 4 teleporters, which teleport you to the opposite side.

This map is published on B.Net US at the bottom of the list (or maybe not there at all). If you wanna upload it to EU or whatever you can, just give credit in the description.

SCV Bomberman.SC2Map (Map)

14:36, 1h Jan 2011 Dr Super Good: Appears an acceptable map




14:36, 1h Jan 2011
Dr Super Good:
Appears an acceptable map
Level 4
Jan 3, 2011
Probably the same way you add maps to warcraft 3, find the maps folder, and drop them in there?