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Scroll Master Model Request

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Level 14
Dec 13, 2008
Hello guys, i would like to request a model of a guy that uses Scrolls, based on the Stormreaver Warlock/Gul'Dan model:


The only changes i want are the skulls at his back to be replaced by Scrolls and his staff with a long axe, his face to be changed to a human one and his rusty 'boots' to be chained ones,
and his long hair to be removed, replaced with a short one, thats all, hope someone can Edit/Skin the model :)

Gonna give +1 rep so beware! :wink:
Level 31
Apr 17, 2009
Hey, I think it's finished. I edited the model and used and reskinned a skin of Stanakin Skywalker. I also used the axe model of RedFuser.

If you use it in your map, give us all three credits.

I made a little testmap

EDIT: Use this portrait model.

The important thing with this portrait is that you have to name it right.
"yourmodel_portrait.mdx" So replace the "yourmodel" at this file with the name of the model inside the testmap I gave you
I guess it was HumanShaman.mdx, but I'm not sure.


  • ScollMaster Testmap.w3x
    191.2 KB · Views: 108
  • HumanShaman_portrait.mdx
    32.6 KB · Views: 115
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