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[Trigger] Scatter Shot Help

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Hi guys, I am trying to make a scatter shot spell where the hero fires one large arrow at a unit and it splits into a bunch of smaller arrows that hit units nearby the primary target.

I thought the easiest way to do this would be to use poison bomb and change the initial damage to the amount that I want for the big arrow to do and change all the secondary damage to 0, but make a custom buff that it gives to the primary unit that has no art and no effect is and just a sort of marker buff.

Then in my trigger I had it check the target unit of ability being cast for the custom buff, and when the target unit gets the buff (right when it is struck by the big main arrow) the trigger would create a dummy caster at the location of the target unit of ability being cast. The dummy unit would then cast a custom fan of knives spell with the smaller arrows for the missile art, you cant imagine this and see that it would produce the wanted effect of the spell.

However I cant seem to get the dummy unit to cast the spell so I am wondering how you make non-hero dummy units cast custom spells instead of the ones that are already in the game because when you select from the list of spells for him to cast your custom spells aren't there and you cant switch into a custom list. So can someone please tell me how to make dummy units cast custom spells.
Well, 3 flaws with your post.

1. This is no where close to the skill I wanted to make, lookin for a scatter shot not multi shot, read my original post.

2. I wanted someone to guide me in the right direction to make the skill my self, not do it for me.

3. I want to use GUI not JASS because I have never even been able to come close to beginning to learn JASS because it confuses the hell out of me.
Level 21
Aug 9, 2006
Well, create a flying dummy, which is saved in a var, then make a formula which creates a fly parabola, maybe through a algorithm or part by part, so like it would fly, with move instantly function. Then when it reaches the enemy destroy the unit(the dummy reaches the enemy overhead by a 175 flying height), then you create a dummy flying(150) over the target enemy with fan of knives and (insert splash range) and order the dummy to cast it. Of course the Fan of Knives has missile model arrow and the dummy at the start is maybe ballista missile model.

So that would be a scatter shot. :) have fun.
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
Scatter shot made like
Dummies with 1000 fly height appear and they attack ground
(they have cannon ball type projectile)
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