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Scarlet Crusade Units

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
  • Unit Models for the Scarlet Crusade.

    Unit Name

    Basic Melee unit with Defend ability
    Armored Archer

    Ranged unit can be an upgrade of a basic archer unit
    Knight/ Crusader

    Heavily armored melee unit with animal training upgrade and sundering blades ability

    Spell caster unit. Capable of healing and boosting friendly unit's attacks. And dispelling negative spells.

    Former Battlemages of Lordaeron recruited by the Scarlet Crusade. An alternative for spell breakers with spell steal and feedback ability. can also learn the control magic ability. Compared to the Spell breaker, Inquisitors does not have spell immunity but have the magic defense ability
    Gryphon Rider
    Flying unit. Gryphon mounted by an armored archer. Can learn the multishot ability which allows the unit to attack up to three targets at once.
    Eagle Knight

    Flying melee unit that are good in attacking enemy air units. It also have the magical spear upgrade that allows it to attack ground units. Can also have the cloud ability similar to the Dragonhawk Rider.

  • These is supposed to be an experimental models to learn how to animate models and to learn more about the process of making custom geosets.
  • Animations of these models will be subject for improvement in future updates.
  • If you can and if you have time it will be really good to have a custom pack of icons for these models.
  • Notify me for any issues in each models.
  • Please give proper credits when using any models from this pack.
  • Do not ask for the other models in the image some of them are in my laptop and I might not be able to recover them. I'll just remake them once the repairs are done.
  • Do not upload any part of this pack to other sites
    (seriously why are you uploading models from hive creators to other websites you are not even asking permission and not giving proper credits???)
  • Do not edit without permission
  • Merged the portrait model with the base model for Archer, Squire and Inquisitor
  • Some minor changes with the animations
  • Changed the texture mapping for some parts of some models


Armored Archer (Icon)

Armored Archer (Model)

Cleric (Model)

Cleric (Icon)

Eagle Knight (Model)

Eagle Knight (Icon)

Gryphon Rider (Model)

Gryphon Rider (Icon)

Inquisitor (Icon)

Inquisitor (Model)

Knight/ Crusader (Icon)

Knight/ Crusader (Model)

Squire (Icon)

Squire (Model)

x- Eagle Knight Missile (Model)

General Frank
Same as your other packs - The polygon amount for the most basic units is too high and I would really like you to reduce the polygon count to something closer to original wc3 models. You should aim for units at about 1200-1500 polygons.
My favorite force. excellent. It would be better if we could add models such as stone throwers.Griffin archers also need a griffin model.Inquirer needs to add some red elements.I hope that the material of cleric clothes is the same as that of Inquirer.
The cleric and Armored Archer has no team color!!
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Level 7
Jul 8, 2005
Well actually the WC3 devs just forgot to include the Magic Defense for the Spellbreakers, but in the editor the ability was there. The Scarlet Crusade is in Lordaeron while the Argent Dawn is in Stormwind, they are two factions dedicated to fight the undead/scourge but differ in method. Well anyway nice units sir bakr 👍.
I don't think it's because they forgot it. Activating Magic Defense will instantly dispel any buffs on the Spellbreaker, which makes buffing them during combat a potential waste of mana and demands micro to protect them from enemy spells. Passive Spell Immunity saves the player of both problems.
Level 8
Dec 27, 2016
A nice addition indeed, can you make a building pack for the Crusade?
Also, can you make a melee version of the Inquisitor?