Sc2 Eredar Pack, Kil Jaeden

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This a pack that I made, It contains Eredars from Sc2 Warcraft Assets, I made Some minor fixes to them, I don't remember it was textures or model fix, Includes Kil Jaeden Normal and Cinema, all Portraits and Archimonde.

Jaeden Texture Didn't exist, he uses Same as Red Eredar I modified it a bit to make it look like the original, I also put it on the cinematic version

edit: they look a bit weird in the image, but in-game they look fine!

Eredar Blue (Model)

Eredar Blue Portrait (Model)

Eredar Green (Model)

Eredar Green Portrait (Model)

Eredar Purple (Model)

Eredar Purple Portrait (Model)

Eredar Red (Model)

Eredar Red Portrait (Model)

Kil'Jaeden (Model)

Kil'Jaeden CINEMA (Model)

Kil'Jaeden CINEMA portrait (Model)

Kil'Jaeden Portrait (Model)


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Jun 4, 2009
This whole time i thought the SC2 ports were just direct ports but i see now the models are slightly different.
Not all Warcraft III models have been HDfied.
Makes me wonder why they went off the deep end with reforged.
Probably because they wanted to make it look more akin 2020 standards.

The irony. I was imagining Warcraft III fusing with StarCraft II but now we get StarCraft II to Warcraft III instead.