Samurai Builders 1.9

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This map is just like the Builders And Fighters, but you have no fighter, and, it´s in the old times in Japan, you are Samurai, you can also have a Hero, ok... This descreption is not good... you can test the map if yu want and then give me feedback so i can make it better, the map i quite fun actual.

Thanks to Black_Stan for his samurai models.

I have moore to come whit the other version, moore Heroes, and some custom spells, custom items, and maybe what you think is missing...

Update 1.1
-Fixed the attack bug.. the units is walking back to the main base, and blocking the gate. Now they don´t do that any longer.

Update 1.2
-Added Quests
-Fixed some spells

Update 1.3
-Fixed walking bug.. the units turn back sometimes but they cant go back to there main base
-Fixed Loading screen

Update 1.4
-Fixed attack bug... Again!

Update 1.5
-Added moore gold to gold mines
-Units cost moore to train

Update 1.6
-Added Loading Screen
-Fixed Attack bug, for the last time!

Update 1.7
-Changed modelfile on some buildings
-Some Heroes has custom Spells
-Made them attacking in a better way

Update 1.8
-Units can't flee back to their base

Update 1.9
-Added Catapult
-Tried to fix some bugs etc.

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blood, war, piese of shit

Samurai Builders 1.9 (Map)

23:18, 27th Feb 2009 by bounty hunter2: A map with a very interesting idea. There are some issues to deal with that can be found in my full review. Pending with a 2/5 rating. Seems that you still didn't update it. So I'l reject it until you update...




23:18, 27th Feb 2009 by bounty hunter2:
A map with a very interesting idea. There are some issues to deal with that can be found in my full review. Pending with a 2/5 rating.

Seems that you still didn't update it. So I'l reject it until you update it.

You can find my full review Here.
Level 3
Jul 31, 2008
I noticed a few grammar/spelling mistakes, you should try to correct them. Yellow also said that he didn't start with peasants like the rest of us, but I wasn't on the same team as him, so I couldn't see if he was right or not.
I would like to see custom abilities on the heroes. Right now you just use the regular melee heroes with new models, something I do not like. (One of the heroes is also named Gnome Warlock, something I do not think was intentional)
I would also like to see the building models to be changed to something more fitting. A few Night Elf buildings comes to mind.
The names of the "Fighters", Player 4 and 8 should be named to something more appropriate.
The units pathing is terrible. They run back and forth, ending up blocking the gate at our base. Why do they run back to their own base anyway? They don't even move to the other teams base. I see you have written that you fixed it in 1.3, but I guess you didn't completely.
I liked the terrain on the battlefield to the left though.

The game seemed fun, but it need a lot of polishing, and the pathing need to be fixed. Right now the game is unplayable, due to the units walking back to their own base, rather than fighting the other team.

And where did you download the models from? The maker of them must have put his name on the site you got them from.
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Level 3
Jul 31, 2008
I looked through the triggers in the map, and found this:
Team 2 Movement
Unit - A unit enters Team 2 Battlefield Spawn <gen>
(Owner of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Player 8 (Pink)
Unit - Order (Entering unit) to Patrol To (Center of Region 008 <gen>)

The reason they're moving back and forth is because you put them on patrol. Change it to "Attack-move to" and they should behave properly. (You also need to do this for team 1, of course)
Level 14
Jan 5, 2008
I'm not so stupid.. but.. I used attack-move to before.. and they walked back sometimes... and then i changed the movetrigger and cahnged to patrol.. i try to change back to attack-move to.

It worked. But the Archer are still turning back.. and no other units... or the archer are making them turn back. Wierd....

And i wonder.. shud i add an katapult or some Siege Weapon,.. i dont know if i shud or not...
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Level 6
Apr 17, 2008
Map could make a lot of fun but there are some negative points:

1. The trigger of the bot attacking units didn´t work very good-> If player send a huge mass of units in the sending area they walk 3/4 of the way to the enemies castle and than they turn around :(
2. It seems that you can upgarde the units-> But in the workshop are no researchable abilties.
3. To less different types of units
4. To less buyable items

All in all it could be better
Keep up the good work!
Level 19
Sep 27, 2005
Here is my rating and comment:

1 - 10 points go on originality
1 - 10 points go on object editor work
1 - 10 points go on scripting
1 - 10 points go on terrain
1 - 10 points go on bug free
1 - 10 points go on gameplay*/fun factor
1 - 10 points go on lag
1 - 10 points go on proper submission and crediting
->That equals 80 points max.
+ Cinematic
1 - 10 points on camera work
1 - 10 points on dialog
1 - 10 points on music and or voice acting
- Cinematic
Object editor work
* Not in cinematic
That equals 100 points max.


To get a Hive grade over 1/5 at least 50% of the 80 (Triggered map) or of the 100 (Cinematic map) points is needed. That means at least 40 or 50 points. However if a map gets rated over 1/5 by me, that doesn't mean that I will imidietly vote it to be approved.

Originality: 7 points +
I haven't seen a map like this, when you build at one point and fight at another. Very interesting concept I liked.

Object editor work: 2 point -
Work work and work. You need custom spells, sounds, more icons. Fix hero descriptions. Also custom items.

Scripting: 4 points -
Genneraly fine, but when the opposing team killed our castle they got a defeat message? Fix.

Terrain: 4 points -
At the battlefield it is okay, but needs more work. The bases part is supposed to be that way so its okay.

Bug Free: 3 points -
Fix the ending bug. No others were found.

Gameplay/Fun Factor: 5 points +
It is fun to play. But you need a variety of units and more custom features, game modes, explain to newbs how to play.

Lag: 7 points +
Fine loading time, some lag ingame.

Proper submission and crediting: 6 points +
You credited the authors, but you need images and more description.

In overall: 43 / 80
minimal 50% met.
For the hive grade: 2/5 I suggest this map for: On Hold
In overall it is a fun map that has some issues to be dealt with. You must fix the object editor problems, more custom things to add. The ending bug is a pain too. When you dealt with this problems I am sure this will get approved.

Good Luck, bounty hunter2
I might not be checking this topic for some time. If you have any questions about the review or you update the map and want me to check it again, feel free to PM me or Visitor message me at any time.
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Level 23
Nov 29, 2006
As following Bounty's rating system, I would almost say the same as him:

Orginality: 7 points.
There is one map apart from this which reminds me of this build/send-to-ai/attack/defeat-castle type, and that is the map Castle Fight(s). However, the imported material gave the game a more stylish and interesting look.

Object Editor work: 2 points.
As bounty already pointed out, custom spells, custom sounds to units using imported models are the key. The icons, yes, it was annoying sometimes, because you need more variation of the unit ones (the heroes were fine). Custom items and descriptions is more or less a "must".

Scripting: 3 points.
What bounty didnt point out was the leaks you have done in your triggers (as I looked through them). The miss you have done is mainly point leaks, you should take a look at this thread to learn how to rid of them.
Also, yes the defeat message is showing wrong, as the victory and defeat message is both triggered by the same castle. Fix that.

Terrain: 4 points.
The battlefield is not bad, but the spot where you build is too boring.

Bug Free: 2 points.
Due to the scripting leak, this will be downgraded one point.

Gameplay/Fun Factor: 7 points.
I stayed through the whole game and enjoyed it actually (compared to bounty which left alittle earlier;). So some more points here. I guess that's a matter of taste.

Lag: (10)/(?)
It should have been lagging alot, due to the leaks in the scripting. The loading was fast, but since I have a quite fast pc I cant say alot about it...

Proper submission and crediting: 6.
See what bounty wrote.

In overall: 41/80

The minimal limit has been met, so it will be 2/5 from me here as well. Status should be set to "reviewed".

If you update this map, and really have fixed everything we pointed out, feel free to Pm me for another review/comment.