Salvation, the decider of humankind.

Level 15
Jan 26, 2010
It is a sad day for me today, one of my fellow RPers(Who was one of the Rpers in the two RPs I played). Has left, and I wished he could be here when I made this, but alright then. Enough of that, this is a Diablo themed RP. Here's some info:

Anything can be done so long as a understandable reason is made(Mechas can exist if it's like a arcane golem that connects with the drivers mind). Even aliens, but I prefer it to be around Diablo, simply cus I feel diablo-moody right now.

Always mark it with a story number when it's IN CHAR, otherwise mark with OOC like:
OOC: good like everyone!
A man slays another

This is just for demonstration, I hope you be creative with everything.

Yea, this is one of my few RPs that I made(the other is...dead? I dunno, never finished the rules). There isn't really any rules for char creation, but not so many in one post(one to two, ok, 10 WTH!?). And people of no importance(Knights, warriors, mages.) Can be referred to by their roles, or as 'sir' or 'Ma'am' if you wish to indicate gender, but nothing specific.

Here's my first post:
A lone man trekked along a worn road in the desert, not much facial features can be seen of him, hidden by a black cloak. A wanderer? Nay, for people who saw him heard the cries of the damned. And where he went, death followed. Many call him the Reaper, for many who meet him seldom live, those who do slip into madness. And this man seldom eats and drinks, and speaks little. The holy order has deemed that this could lead to troublesome events, but they appear to do nothing.