[Cinematic] Saga of the dragons - Alfa version of 15 min. part

Level 11
Mar 26, 2005
I was making a remake of my older cinematic which had 45 minutes, but it is from year 2004 and its very noobish. So I started on this one, but I stopped in June or July, and didnt start again working on it.

It a parody of many fantastic stories, and cliches, the story is cliche itself, its about defeating one evilzzz dragon, this part I uploaded , is just the intro, and as you can see, the terrain is not finished in the last scene, I just upload it to gain some feedback to raise my motivation to finish it.

Yes, it is campaign file, it is planned to take arround hour or more, so one map is not enough, I planed to release it when it will be completed, but as I write above, I have no desire to continue yet.


It has easter eggs about Lotr, Starwars, James Bond, Starcraft but also about Dune, Raven, Wizard of Oz, Startrek and 24 hours. (who will find them in the plot :-D ? )