Sacrifice Ability

Level 4
Nov 19, 2007
I'm making a map. And I want that if you put your unit in a building that it will change in a other unit. Just like the acolyte and sarcifial pit. I used the sacrifice abilty for that, but the unit is changing in a shade. I don't want that. Can someone help me?
Level 8
Oct 8, 2005
well i meant, modifying the unit in object editor (the shade) but, i always thought you could modify the sacrifice ability. I did in one of my maps and made the unit that was sacrificed into an attacking unit. infact i did it in the techtree contest(meaning no triggering).

Can you post a map with this spell?
Would your version of the spell allow for different sacrafice spells summoning different units? I belive that is what the original poster was asking for.
Level 35
Oct 9, 2006
No it wouldnt.. many of us used that idea for the contest, but it was only for one unit as we wasnt allowed triggers.

Now to do it with triggers:

Notice this may be a bit complicated way to do it with.. But i was sleppy, so couldnt think of anything else. (btw I first tried to make the sacrifial building have the buff, but it didnt get it (maybe it will if other base buff was used.))

Then the map

btw: Notice: For some wierd reson my wc3 chrashed when I tried to test if it works, but it should. Anyway, this shows the basic how to do it. I can explain more when I aint so damn sleppy = tomorrow. Hope this helps you.