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[JASS] rupture problem

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Level 6
Apr 14, 2007
i got the random dota skills map thing and it says theres something rong with rupture here is what it says is rong

local unit u = GetHandleUnit(t, "u")

i dont understand that can someone tell me what that means?

in regular triggering not in JASS plz
Level 40
Dec 14, 2005
Well, I'll be explaining it in JASS, for the simple reason that... that IS JASS.

Also, 'regular triggering' happens to be JASS ><

In other news --

That's from the Local Handle Variables by KaTTaNa. The code for them was probably in the map's header. Try copying the code from the spell map's map header to yours.
  1. Open the variables editor
  2. Create a variable editor of type "gamecache" and name it something such as "cache"
  3. Then I think you do something such as this:
 if udg_cache == null then
        set udg_cache = InitGameCache("jasslocalvars.w3v")
    return udg_cache

I think that is what you are supposed to do. I'm not very fond of using KaTTaNa's handle vars, but I did use them many times before, but in JASSCraft... :wink:
Level 3
May 28, 2007
He tried to copy the trigger and Handels from the map to another map, so just do like PurplePoot said create the game cache and name it what it's named in Kattans Handel variables and if that does not work import the triggers to your map but don't forget to give credit to the trigger creator ;)
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