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[JASS] Animatins while moving

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Level 17
Jun 28, 2008
How can I make a unit play a certain animation while I move the unit with triggers.

Here is what I have :

local timer t = GetExpiredTimer()
    local unit  u = GetHandleUnit(t, "sweep")
    local location p1 = GetUnitLoc(u)
    local location p2 = PolarProjectionBJ(p1, 20, GetUnitFacing(u))
    local real x = GetLocationX(p2)
    local real y = GetLocationY(p2)
    call SetUnitAnimation(u, "attack slam")
    call SetUnitPosition(u, x, y)
    call RemoveLocation(p1)
    call RemoveLocation(p2)

set u = null

While the unit is moving, it doesn't play its animation, it just stands there.

Any help?
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