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RPG (Map)

20:34, 18th Jun 2011 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
All maps uploaded on the hive require a description (you can edit this when updating/uploading your map).
If there is no description, the map will be rejected until one is added.

Additionally, all maps uploaded here must be nearly finished (have enough content to be considered fully playable).
Your map is in a very early stage (1 real hero, 2 heroes called "noob", only a few monsters and a very empty terrain).

There is also something called "Type" and "Category" here on the hive.
To make searching maps easier for our users, the map creators have to specify a type and category (only 1 category and type!)

Because you broke all these rules, the map is rejected ("not allowed").
If you think the map is ready to be approved here, then please contact me or any other moderator. He/she will set the map back to "pending" so you can update it with the newest version (do NOT upload the same map - regardless of version number - again).