RPG Idea- The Blademasters

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Apr 17, 2010
This is an idea for an RPG that can be used entirely, somewhat, or barely in any game without permissions or credit needed, though it'd be nice.

The Blademasters are a clan of elite warriors from all the races of the realms in warcraft. Being the most potent mix of warriors ever, they were challenged many times by opposing clans, groups and armies, and any other threat that is thinkable.

After the last war, the undead scourge rose from the smoke, to put out any flame of life this world had left. There were no alliances between the orcs, elves or humans. This left much of all the lands to be burned with hundreds of years of warfare and shedded blood alike.

The clan was created after the last war of the Orcs and the Humans, when a few warriors on each side were done and tired of constantly fighting and having warfare.

Characters - Blademasters
The succumbed leader of the group is the wisest of all the Blademasters. The Blade he wields was passed down through generations to give off a battle aura that would in turn inspire allies and weaken foes. After his fellow elves and any cousins had nearly gone extinct, Na'leve and many others went into hiding. For almost three hundred years, Na'leve nor another elf was seen in the daytime or nighttime. When Na'leve and his fellow blood were found, he claimed the sword of his ancestors, the Shalm blade, and destroyed his attackers with nothing but a deep breath a few swings of his blade. The days following, Na'leve traveled into the forest to find an Orc, and then later find a Human. They would join together, in the Blademasters clan. If there was a true leader to the Blademasters, Na'leve would be chosen hands-down.

The strongest and least intelligent of the group would prove his worth in the many battles of the Blademasters. After the final Human and Orc war, the Orcs numbers were too low to be called a race anymore. The Orcish flame and banner were being snuffed out. Being short-tempered and one of the last of his kind, he immediately blamed the current warchief, and challenged him to a battle. Or'klae quickly defeated him, claiming his position and title. The Orcs were peaceful for the days in between the arrival of the scourge and the end of the war. When news of the uprising of 'living skeletons' waging war all things living, the new warchief thought nothing of it. The next day, to find nothing but a burned down village, and his hut surrounded by the skeletons, he was in shock. Quickly, he retrieved his steel blade, having no magic in it at all, and starting demolishing the numbers of the undead. After defeating them, he moved to the forest, meeting an elf and later a Human. They would join in arms, in the Blademaster clan. Both the Human and the Elf were afraid of Or'klae's short temper and strength with a weapon.

The only magic-warrior of the clan, Leknar was an impressive warrior. Not only a good supporting magician, but also very versatile in the offensive and self-defensive fields. After the final Orc and Human war, Leknar, with his family and barely-surviving human would-be army, moved to live in the forest. One morning, Leknar awoke to be in a cage, alongside almost 200 other humans. The things holding the humans prisoner are skeletons and ill-constructed bodies and things of that nature. The only living-looking thing in the area speaks, knowing english unbelievably. After the first word, a large arrow blasted past the cage Leknar was in and struck the priest chest-hard. A large spear, rather, from a siege-type machine piloted by the elves. The elves poured over the hillside where the siege machine was, by the hundreds. A day later, in the silence of the night, Leknar notices his sword is only a few meters to his side, and calls it to him with a spell. With not a second to spare, the mage-warrior explodes his energy around him, destroying the cage and all other surrounding cages. Leknar gathers all the males who're capable of fighting, and produces weapons of energy for them. After traveling in the forest for much time, living off of small animals and plants, Leknar finds an Orc and an Elf traveling together. Ready for battle, Leknar begins enchanting his blade. The Elf quickly lays down his blade and claims he is looking for elite fighters to put down this undead nonsense. Leknar later learns that Na'leve, the elf, wasn't lying. Leknar, Na'leve, and Or'klae, the Orc, join together to create the Blademasters.

Leknar - Dark Side
Leknar, after being trapped in the cage by the undead, learns that he had been cursed with the Double Curse spell. Every now and then, when Leknar has excessive power and doesn't use it, the extra energy corrupts him until it is spent. In his corrupted side, he gains energy even faster, and has a fraction of his normal conscience to coexist with. When corrupted, Leknar has to fight a bloodlust back extremely hard and barely any resistance to the curses power or what it puts into him.
Antagonists(Bad guys, UNDEAD)

This undead mage was created when the legion created the undead to ravage this world. With a purpose in mind to do nothing but resurrect bodies in the name of the legion and destroy all life, Maruce was the only undead who had a will somewhat of his own. After ravaging the already barely-intact human forces, Maruce started to grow tired of the pointless destruction of life. One day, he finds an intelligent human who is almost dead, and begs the mage for a curse that would keep him alive at any price. He instead heals the human, and asks the human to join the undead. The human goes back to his village, and waits for the morning. Awaking in a cage, the human is rescued by elves when the elves attack the undead, killing maruce physically. The human also learns the mage had given his cage a special present.


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