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Rowboat with Moving Oars

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
I thought I should make the common doodad into a worthwhile unit.
This comes in with oars that move on their own during the "Walk" animation. Its texture also changes when it "dies," so you know it's sunk.
I used the Human Transport Ship from the Retail TFT MPQ for the base model. I used the planes from the Rowboat Doodad and fleshed them out--part of it is because they "apparently shrink" when I try rotating them while animating those.

Credits ado to Blizzard for both the mesh and texture.


I have gone with Villagerino's idea that the boat should sink and not just disappear above water during the Death sequence. The model is fixed.

Rowboat with Moving Oars (Model)

General Frank
A very simple model edit. Probably useful as a doodad or auxiliary unit.
This is a must-be boat with a good execution of animations and texture transition, although I see some glitches in the geoset connection that could be improved, like at the stern of a boat. It would also be nice if you made it actually drown and go underwater during the 'Death' sequence and not just dissapear above the waterline 👌
Personally, I have always loved dark red and dark blue. And white to replace gray for Lordaeron hehe. I really love all your work
Thank you! Reforged did come out with Maroon and Navy Blue, but given issues we've had I will gladly do it.

Giving the unit a custom "White/Snow" team color is fairly easy. All you do is go into Magos, open the Texture Manager, look for Replaceable ID 1, and type 3 before 1 so it reads "Replaceable ID 31," but I digress.

As for the Team Glow, I am sure I have already made one. I will look into this.

If you have any more Team Colors I should make, feel free to spill the beans! :D