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ROTG Ver 1.31

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Level 9
Apr 28, 2006
Hey chaps, I am currently workin on the next version of ROTG.

Because ladder players are actually starting to play it a bit on bnet now (thats the intended auidence) the need has arisen to sort the hotkeys out and make more informative tooltips.

ROTG's hotkeys will be universally changed to X,C,V,B in version 1.31 and all the hero spell tooltips are going to be redone.

Also, ive made some changes to the map's layout, adding a new tunnel, bridge, some brand new routes and more creep camps.

As an added extra creeps are now going to be dropping items!

Based on a random chance and the global creep level creeps iwll now randomly drop certain items and bonuses when destroyed.

I reckon ver 1.31 will take at elats anotehr wekk, but its getting ther e=)

Suggestions for it are welcome.
Level 4
Jan 2, 2008
When the god's come from the underworld, you should them revealed to all players, so people know where they are.
Maybe make the game longer, when I played it didn't seem for very long at all for a hero arena.
Also a question, why does the map shoe everything now and then?
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