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Rotating RPG camera?

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Level 3
Dec 29, 2010
I only have a question, and such, how can you create a RPG camera which can also rotate around the unit? As in, third person follow-camera which can rotate, similar to world of warcraft's camera. This video is what I mean (Around 1:00 in)

Basicly, I need a RPG rotating camera badly. You can help by either:
-Posting links to spells that do that;
-Posting triggers that help accomplish that;
-Posting anything that helps accomplish that.

Please help.
That probably works with arrows, when left arrow is pressed, set rotation of camera to (Rotation of camera - X); if the right arrow is pressed, set rotation of camera to (Rotation of Current camera - Y).
Stuff you'll need:
• The event(s):
  • Events
    • Player - Player 1 (Red) Presses the Left Arrow key
    • Player - Player 1 (Red) Presses the Right Arrow key
• The action:
  • Camera - Set Player 1 (Red)'s camera Rotation to 0.00 over 0.00 seconds
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Download the test map and test it
All settings can be changed in SRCS Setup Trigger

But beware, that this system will contradict the Auto-rotate Camera Following Unit's Facing Angle System, so choose either one to activate one at a time.

This system is fully MPI (can be used in Multiplayers (RPG and such))

Only the settings for constant is not MPI (all must follow the same settings)
But if you wish to change that too, simply turn the constant variable to an array-type variable, and inside the array, just find for words (Player number of (Triggering player))
This function can be found at Player - Player Number

And you can have your own custom settings for the camera just for you (different constant settings for different players)

It requires more triggering (it's not that hard, but I'm not gonna make it because that is not a basic camera system, whereas you requested for a basic one.

I can also include a mode that you can change the constant settings in-game! but you know the drill :)
Here's the most basic rotating system.

Happy Mapping !


  • Simple Rotating Camera System by defskull.w3x
    15.6 KB · Views: 145
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