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Rogue Styled Dungeon Game

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Level 4
Aug 22, 2008
Hello everybody, I recently was playing the ASCII old-school game Rogue which is a dungeon crawler game, and I wonder if it is possible to randomly generate a map like this game does.

Rogue uses a algorithm to generate a world randomly and then fill them accordingly with monsters and other items of interest, so I was wondering what some possible methods of creating a map to work like this could involve?

To start of with I thought that something similar to a trigger which picks 2 random values between 6 - 10 which would be set as Height and Width. Then a random position on the game map is selected and designated as a dungeon room. Then a second room is generated is a similar way but instead of just placing the room anywhere, a check is undertaken to prevent overlapping of rooms, so a new location is continually generated until it satisfies.

Then once a limit of about 4-6 rooms have been successfully generated corridors would be generated to link the rooms. Then two rooms are selected randomly (of course) and a x and y value would be returned corresponding to a randomly selected position on a particular wall of the room. Then with both of these rooms and their door points selected a doorway would be created between the two. Unfortunately the determination of a doorway and the prevention of it possibly passing through another room is going to be rather complex hence me asking this question.

Then with all the rooms and doorways created through the plotting and terrain modification through functions such as raise height or set cliff height (not sure if thats 100% right, but you know what I mean) to create the basic terrain.

Through other random processes items can be randomly spawned within randomly selected positions within rooms and their frequency can be declared as a variable. This process can also be applied to the spawning of monsters.

Then the game restarts this process once the player has found and operates a stair case which procedes lower into the depths of the dungeon.

I am sure that many of you determined triggers would be interested and/or captivated to try and solve this hardship of world generation for this particular type of WarCraft 3 idea.

Thank you to all those who contribute with certain ideas concerning the triggering and organisation of elements to most efficiently created. Monster ideas are also very much welcome.

Thank you once again.

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