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Robotic CryptFiend.blp

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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A robotic Crypt Fiend Skin.
Give credits if used. Do not distribute to other sites without permission.
2nd Skin.
Thanks Soul Theft for the Awesome Screenshot.
Story: Year: 2101, A scientist called Georald Von Igglestien was
making a robot that was powerful enough to tear open a tank in two seconds.
When working on the computer chips he had the some of the metal plates off,
when he bumped the on switch the robot came alive
and tore Georald apart leaving nothing but a ravaged corpse.
The robot ran off into an unknown location.
Did some shading, highlights added some stuff :)
Update: Changed to red eyes, and added sum moar wire stuff
Update: Sharpened...

robot, Crypt, Fiend, Crypt Fiend, Future, red eyed, tech, machine, chip

Robotic CryptFiend.blp (Texture)

01:06, 8th Dec 2009 THE_END:Apparently, robots don't have metal anymore..just crappy shading. Fix or this will not be approved.




01:06, 8th Dec 2009
THE_END:Apparently, robots don't have metal anymore..just crappy shading. Fix or this will not be approved.
It's a nice skin overall, the tones seem all right, shading is decent, it's not blurred or anything and i like it. :thumbs_up:

the only thing i could possibly say is that some of the metal plates dont look
shaped like somebody who made a robot would. I also dont particularly like the open electronics on the head/neck area it's not the colour or anything it's just i wouldn't expect for that to be there. but thats my opinion so no need for you to change it really.

I'd rate this skin a 4/5 for your efforts in making this robotic cyrptfiend.
imo it is very well done and high quality skin.
Level 5
Nov 6, 2009
Add green or red eyes, they look more robot like. More of the green wire thingy would also make it look better. Nice skin still!
It's irregular and looks like a stone :/

i'd suggest you to redo the skin all over again and give jointed armor plates along the back, followed by panels and circuitry on the lower parts and etc..etc..

and current circuitry doesn't look good at all, giving it a silly and broken look.

yes.. rework all.

Note: good to see improved painting skillz :)