Rising Felfire

Replacement Ability for the Doom Guard's Rain of Fire, for clarity purposes he no longer has Rain of Fire, this ability is meant for another hero (not the Pit Lord), and I wanted this unit to have something unique with an interaction and synergy with the Pit Lord, so now it deals true damage and deals 50% bonus damage to targets that are -burning-. it summons 3 pilars of felfire (depicted in the icon) to deal damage, the visuals are based on a modified fire trap (green).

Burn is an state effect on my map, just like confused, paralized, bleeding, electrified (purged), doused (water), frosted and poisoned, these effects have been streamlined so that they can be used more widely without being overpowered or useless.

Also there aren't so many felfire icons that add variety to the Hive. There Is some free hand on this one.

Rising Felfire (Icon)

The Panda
I love the green hue, nice edit.