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Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2021
Feb 26, 2006
Russian Federation


User, from Russian Federation

Aloha, UrSuLa. Oct 3, 2020

Red XIII was last seen:
Feb 23, 2021
    1. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      Aloha, UrSuLa.
    2. UrSuLa
      Hola red!
    3. Goblintrain
      Red, i seem to remember, even a month ago, i was able to DL a bundle of buttons that were perfect for the Ogre Mound. In fact, i just assumed they went with the model! Now i can't seem to find them. ;(
    4. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      Almost (laughing).
    5. LordPerenoldeII
      Are you still alive?
    6. loktar
      Hi, I've shared my edited version of you WC2 town hall & great hall in my thread, but I forgot to ask for your permission.
      So if you don't want me to share it, let me know and I'll remove it from the download :)
    7. Vincent_Freeman
      Hi there
      Is there a model of WC2 Orc Farm among your WC2 models (maybe not uploaded or smth), because i miss it for my project. I don't inend to force you do one, but if you have something like WC2 orc pig farm, it would be nice.
    8. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      Sylvie use it as you wish. A made all this to peoples all around the world. Thats a target. You use it - you make me happy.
    9. Sylvie
      Heey Red XIII! How are ya?

      So, I made an icon for your Den of Wonders model (since I'm using it in my campaign), and I want to know if you want me to send it to you, so you can upload as your own? Just give me some credits and we're done xD
    10. jonbon29
    11. Kyrbi0
      Wow! I really wasn't expecting you to be back on; it'd been so long since you last posted. Crazy stuff; coming out of retirement for little 'ol me. I'm blushing. :P Thanks.

      By the way, you should weigh in on this topic by Callahan.
    12. Kyrbi0
      Hey, Red XIII. I know you haven't been on in a while, but I was just curious if I could have permission to edit a few of your (beta) models?

      Let me know. Thanks,
    13. TaShadan
      RedXIII do you have Rommels skins for your Orc Fortress?
    14. mazoonon
      Your Warcraft 2 Models are so amazing! So detailed and accurate, I can't wait to see you're next creation! You are one of the best modelers here, hands down!
    15. SuperAttackrabbit
      Hey, man! How are you doing?
      I've seen your Orc barracks, and it looks pretty cool.
      Are youthinking about making a WCII Human Blacksmith?
      Just wondering.
    16. Red XIII
      Red XIII
      Not. Now i study to modding WoW. (Want to create model`s for this game).
    17. TaShadan
      you should do more wc2 stuff!
    18. Dront
      я кинул пруфы
    19. Dront
      Ya otpravil soobshenie na xgm tebe
    20. Dront
      Kstate u tya v statyah oshibki est. Napr: 1.Crypt fiend bila geroem undeadow vmesto Cold Wright. 2.Swiftness Aura bila u Crusadera a ne u Ranger. 3.Bull Rush bila ne toi kak seichas a ispolzovalas na vragov: Minotaur bezhal na tsel ignorya prepyatstvia i dobezhav stanil vseh vokrug nee. Tam eshe est
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    Russian Federation
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    BETA Rise_project
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    Anime,WC,Warhammer and more else.


    Don`t worry.Be Happy!
    Be happy NOW!
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