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Rise of Nations Rise of Nations Frontpage

Discussion in 'Legacy Social Groups' started by ban-lord, May 7, 2008.

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  1. ban-lord


    May 26, 2007
    What is Rise of Nations?
    Rise of Nations is basically a built-in real time strategy game in Warcraft III. You must create your own nation, and manage it's economy, military, agriculture, and the way it is build really.

    How will it work?
    Basically, you start with a few builders, then you must find yourself a suitable location to start your empire. After you construct your capital, it will be marked as your capital city, your capital city controls the entire empire you own, if you have extra towns, then you can convert them to the capital city whenever you please.

    After you place your capital, you must then begin to make roads to make your empire run and prosper better. If you do not use roads, it will make your citizens unhappier and it will basically make your empire look inferior and you will not get anywhere. After your first few roads are placed, you must then build some of the basic necessities, a Market, a Job Market, and a Bank. After those are placed, they should increase the population flow of your city to allow you to place Residential Zones. Depending on how you want your nation to run, you can have a certain amount of people, a low amount or a high amount. A high amount of people can be great economically, but you must manage it all with a strong agriculture, if you let your civilians starve, they will eventually become unhappy and begin to riot.

    ... to be continued ...

    Terrain - 25%
    Triggers - 5%
    Units & Abilities - 10%


    Testers are being searched for, we only test on the USWest realm, and testing is going to be limited and there is no estimated time on when testing will begin.

    Creator - Ban-Lord
    Triggerers - Ban-Lord
    Currently searching for Skinners to make skins for the map, they must at least be a decent quality and be useful for the project, if you feel you qualify for this position, please send me a PM, with some examples of your work, and of course, you will be definately mentioned for credit.

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