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Return of Alisia Dragoon

Submitted by VGsatomi
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Return of Alisia Dragoon (Campaign)

Dr Super Good: This was produced by VGsatomi and so the quality is probably very good.
  1. Dr Super Good:
    This was produced by VGsatomi and so the quality is probably very good.
  2. super-panda


    Jun 11, 2007
    Very good campaign.
    The story, characters are well filled in.
    Tough, there is much minors and majors bugs like quests that don't propely show, and lots of others few things that don't make it perfect.
    The aerial battles are a great idea, but not possible to be greatly do with the modding possibilites of this game, making them extremly hard to manadge and nearly impossible to won without cheats, that I dislike.
    Some missions and quests are quite harder, sometime impossible, even with max power, and some boss either.
  3. Numeror


    Sep 2, 2006
    I agree with panda about the bosses they are way too strong...you have to make it with pure skill if you want to make it...
  4. Moontraveler


    Aug 29, 2007
    My biggest hatred of this campaign is the familiar changing. I mean come on did you even think for a second how many time people use the arrow keys to move the camera?
  5. adamy


    Feb 2, 2008
    I just completed chapter 5 (all about a letter), and like with all the other missions, after victory, I get kicked to the main screen. THis time, however, when I went back to custom campaigns and alicia dragoon, I don't see mission 6, nor a provision to scroll, so how the hell do I get to Six?
  6. Mugzippit


    Mar 27, 2006
    amazing campaign. u may want to alter the spell you use on the missions where you are flying because you can target and kill yourself with 1 misclick.
  7. flocaflink


    Feb 9, 2011
  8. Locrito


    May 20, 2012
    Nice but too long :/
  9. jocacar


    Jun 30, 2013
    Worst campaign I ever played, it deserves 0.1/5 but 1/5 is least I can rate this *h*t
  10. Deckboy


    Mar 8, 2006
    One of my favorite campaigns from back in the day. Some minor glitches and bugs are evident, but this is THE campaign that really started to show other people what was possible with the war3 engine. Very creative, it just didn't always deliver 100 %
  11. Cylian


    Apr 30, 2013
    Just finished it ... never heard of Alicia Dragoon until this. Thumbs up ...

    Giving 4 over 5, if only because of the fact that the great varied gameplay can indeed be further improved. But after seeing the comment above, i think i understand.

    Thank you for making this. The love story warmed my heart that little bit, even if so many lives are lost just because of them, haha ... Cheers to all.
  12. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    What it needs is more spells to choose from for each level (Alisia) as to not make the gameplay and strategy repetitive. The game can also benefit from the absence of linearity.

    -a lot of transmissions last too short to be read

    -well the up and down arrows could've been used too as there are only four creatures to assist. The arrows move the camera
    -Alisia's model looks spooky
    -the Tents are as big as the spider women
    -almost every units is named Orc Soldier
    -Watch Towers don't catch fire
    -after loading the game, Emilia's items change places
    -exiting a camp will result in only some building fires being put off. The second time I've entered the door closed behind becoming invulnerable. This happened in the camp to the east
    -the Airship unloads troops underwater
    -the helper doesn't follow through the Way Gate but moving the arrows will solve the problem
    -how the heck did they fit such a huge catapult through that tiny Way Gate?
    -the barricades and fences look like they can be jumped over
    -not fun killing horses and Kodos for gold...
    -well the orcs don't attack the spiderwomen at all
    -enemy units encountered after the first camp are not stronger
    -doors close only if the hero goes a little bit deeper into the camps. Actually it seems they lock when a boss fight starts (getting near them), not necessarily after all houses were set on fire
    -the Battle Fortress doesn't follow the hero along the camp
    -the hero reaches level 15 in the second camp. It's no more motivation to kill enemy units
    -units can go through rocks
    -spider queens senses tell her of the mines.. It's more fun discovering by yourself!
    -the spiders don't even help with troops. You're doing everything for them
    -before entering the third camp, some Doom Guards can be killed over the rocks
    -some barricades (those that are not supposed to block paths) can be destroyed other are invincible
    -explosive barrels can be destroyed over the wall from the third camp but the Cannons do not take damage (they're also invulnerable). Actually only one Cannon is invulnerable, the one in the far right (it becomes vulnerable after reaching it). The rest can be attacked from the third camp
    -Mortokk and his henchwomen don't follow the hero through the camp. It's easy to use spells like Lightning Shield on them
    -Demolishers can get out the camp through the tiny gates. They can also be used to kill Mortokk as they try shooting at you
    -what demons? There were none anymore. I killed them over/through the rocks
    -after the third camp it starts being repetitive and easy. The level is too long
    -the Shore Cannons should be enemy or at least make the orcs near them attack the ones attacking the cannons. They also have no real protection
    -big reinforcement from the sea... not like it was needed anyway
    -the enemy anchored ships start sailing to the ocean if they're attacked. There are some Frigates that are neutral
    -the Phoenix may destroy the passive Demolishers east of the second Orc Commander
    -the Phoenix can't get through Way Gates
    -it's no real use acquiring so much gold
    -defeating a huge Hydra only for a temporary +2 armor scroll!?
    -the second Way Gate just made the hero spawn two helpers that can be changed using the arrow keys. Upon teleporting again, they just disappeared. Loading the game "fixed" it
    -Rendel can be drawn out without having to fight his guards
    -the Quest Log becomes useless after a while as no new requirements or quests are updated/created
    -Orc Soldiers training description says it's a Tauren
    -how did Emilia get north to the temple?
    -items cannot be sold
    -if Randel knew about the Matriarch's plans, why didn't he tell anyone important, even to Asila?
    -the orc shaman and the spider archers can't attack air units
    -another Mutant Bat? (when returning on the way to the Matriarch)
    -when reaching the Matriarch, in the cutscene the before attacking spiders just go forth around the heroes
    -the enemy heroes do not follow the player's heroes. It's easy to stay and regenerate. So does Baldour
    -Lock-on Lightning's icon looks like that of Artillery Barrage on F10
    -the remaining Azhala Archers don't do anything
    -units are selected during cinematic mode
    -dialogues run too fast...
    -instead of loading the second level the TFT main menu appeared
    -damnation, 2h and 40 something minutes, it took me

    -no no no no no. The same spells and the hero is level 1 again!?
    -the same items on the vendor...
    -had no soldiers near me to say anything about the cages
    -the Kobalds are spawning indefinitely. You are forced to fight them for xp... it takes a lot of time
    -the Wisp may disappear sometimes when using the arrow; no helper appears instead. If the game is not saved previously then...
    -the Kobalds spawn and go to specified regions not to the hero
    -why were Villagers kept in cages again? What's the use of saving them?
    -saved Villagers run through the trees and enemy units just look at their escape like they don't care
    -minions appear on the map after reaching the top of the mountain. My Priest was suddenly in the middle of a group of enemies. If they can do that, how come they didn't attack the city?
    -not really sure how she saw that particular path to the river through the forest
    -it's no fun to turn back the whole map... and then go to the top again... with an average movement speed

    -well she talks with the king from a very far away distance. The tiger doesn't even move
    -there's a woman blocked between some doodads (rocks and plants on a patch of water) in the southwest. Another one is blocked by houses and plants
    -ignited Villagers don't die because of the fire. Others may go through fire and not ignite
    -some Baldour minions spawn behind fences and are blocked
    -Thunder Clap has the same hotkey as Chain Lightning: C
    -what's with the caged and neutral Ghouls?
    -some Villagers are blocked/spawned behind walls and other doodads. There's no way to get to them
    -Alisia definitely needs Boots of Speed
    -there's no way to save 80 in one try (reached 73). It's random...
    -what's the point of destroying cities, just to destroy them?

    -the ship seems to be firing from the canons to their right
    -it ends like a normal level with the score screen

    -the loading screen is that of a normal melee map
    -the controls are horrible and there's no more Wisp to heal either

    -I'm guessing the water is not that deep if a scorpion can get through it
    -nah.. no healing means death. Left clicking will not always make Alisia shoot that targeted unit. Sometimes two clicks are required
    -cannot use Lightning Shield on self... could in the previous levels, and it requires 100 mana instead of 90
    -the Barrel practically explodes in her hands
    -the second troll camp can be circumvented. The mind control ward can be attack from outside, west side of the camp
    -why didn't they just kill Tsu?
    -a little bit to the north and then west from where Tsu was held, there's a path with cut trees that leads to (vision only) to a wide and blank space/land
    -it's not fun to always return for barrels of explosives... Soldiers need inventories for that
    -the third camp's gates don't want to fall after one barrel explodes (Tsu) but works one time with Alisia
    -Soldiers Defend with their cloaks...
    -Tsu's icon is a yellow square on F10, in the unit group selection and an invisible one in the left upper corner of the screen
    -killed the commander before going to the gate but got the message as if going to it before gaining the key. How did she know a commander would be in the west having the key!?
    -it would have been nice if Tsu either splashed damaged or had Cleaving Attack. Alisia attacks multiple targets at once
    -killing a Forgotten One crumbled the rock barricade!?

    -the mouse killing clicking part is pointless. It doesn't really feel like Alisia is flying
    -not all undead have been killed. So basically it wasn't all cleared
    -how did she talk to Tsu from there?
    -Tsu's part: the map is all visible
    -Tsu has to get real close to the enemy guards to start following her
    -the enemy can just walk through the lava...
    -Jouston doesn't even damage Tsu. His damage is Piercing. The guards were stronger than him...
    -why did the castle crumble?

    -found a Bundle of Lumber in a crate. Just bounced up the kills/lumber. What's that good for?
    -Basjion doesn't have any problems...
    -some units may just ignore the enemies on the way and go further. Some enemy units might just remain somewhere on the way
    -when a lane is cleared, the units will just stand at the end of it instead of continuing to destroy the remaining buildings
    -the tent was never in danger
    -rats seems to constantly attack but Emilia is invulnerable
    -skeletons don't give xp. Actually the Neutral Hostile do not do that
    -not fun telling how to activate the Way Gate even if it was obvious somehow
    -all five tunnels that lead to Key Orbs are the same...
    -the one bat one rat tandems that keep coming for you start boring at one point
    -the fire effect on the heroes doesn't also deal damage over time
    -Fire Elementals just start pouring... The heroes just have to stay there to raise their xp up to be able to continue... If they don't get to the far east corner the elementals overwhelm them
    -what the heck is a Flying Machine doing in a cave?
    -the problem with Bash is that it even stuns mechanical units, not just undead
    -I'm guessing Baldour did not control the elementals... but why didn't it let them kill the heroes and saved them with that machinery
    -the doors are not invulnerable so you can go north where some Lava Elementals are neutral now. The machine is circling around to the south. I basically just ran to the Way Gate
    -she thinks the far west gate opened for some reason... It's a wonder why she didn't comment on those huge tentacles
    -the Phoenix can get over doors and attack enemy units
    -Emilia just teleported somehow to the library of the fortress..
    -I suggest removing cooldown of items in shops
    -Ornah is plain easy to kill: two Storm Bolts
    -if the bear was summoned before fighting Destin, it will not pause like the other two heroes

    final lev:
    -horrible controls again. Can't attack while using the arrow keys
    -the enemy's projectiles only damage Alisia if she stand still. She can just fly through them

    bonus map:
    -there's one misplaced Soldier in the southeast line
    -the King is slow and he doesn't always follow Alisia
    -the helpers don't regenerate mana or health

    There are interesting ideas in it but they're not refined. It doesn't deserve a 4/5.
    At least I've heard of a new game from this campaign.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2015
  13. Lord Siler

    Lord Siler

    Mar 24, 2017
    I really enjoyed playing this back in the day, the fight in the sky with baldour, real good stuff
  14. Ricox19


    Nov 29, 2017
    This campaign was inspired by alisia dragoon, a sega genesis game.
    Good campaign, but the gameplay is very repetitive, restarting the heroes every single map, the map design and the custom models are astonishing, VGsatomi really put effort in this campaign.
    Tho the repetitive gameplay reflects the original gameplay of the original game, walking and killing everything in sight.
    The music, the change of the sounds even browsing the menu options and picking up items.

    A campaign really beatiful, made with care, tho is not made for my taste, is a very good one treated with care, from begging to end ( the credits scene was heartbreaking with that music)

    Played on v1.21b