Requesting Spells for my Custom Hero.

Level 1
Jan 8, 2005
Please help me on creating my hero map :)
I made almost everything but i am having so much problem with the spells and the triggers and i am a noob in map creating.

I will paste the hero skills :

Yeah its a dota hero . Its on the Suggestion Forums.

Evil Spirit : ( Death coil animation)
Description: Launches a Evil Spirit on an Ally/Enemy . Dealing some dmg or healing some hp and granting some effects.

Level 1: 150 Hp Healing , 10% increased attack speed for 10 seconds ( Ally ) / 100 Dmg -2 armor for 8 seconds [4 seconds on heroes ]( Enemy ).
Level 2: 225 Hp Healing , 15% increased attack speed for 12 seconds ( Ally ) / 150 Dmg -3 armor for 8 seconds [4 seconds on heroes ]( Enemy ).
Level 3: 300 Hp Healing , 20% increased attack speed for 15 seconds ( Ally ) / 200 Dmg -4 armor for 8 seconds [4 seconds on heroes ]( Enemy ).
Level 4: 375 Hp Healing , 25% increased attack speed for 20 seconds ( Ally ) / 250 Dmg -6 armor for 8 seconds [4 seconds on heroes ]( Enemy ).

Unleashed Wrath ( Unholy frenzy variable )
Description: Unleashes the Wrath of an Ally to free their real power of destruction.(Its not a mask of madness skill because it doesn't give movement speed bonus.)

Level 1: 25% increased attack speed / 15% more dmg taken.
Level 2: 35% increased attack speed / 20% more dmg taken.
Level 3: 45% increased attack speed / 25% more dmg taken.
Level 4: 55% increased attack speed / 30% more dmg taken.

Lighting Ball of Absorption
Area Purge with Lighting ball launching.
Description: Fires a Lighting Ball in a place and 0.5 sec after it reached the place it expands in an area and purges everyone in there. ( Even allies , anti-buffing ability. )

Level 1: 300 AOE , No Slow , 100 AoE DMG.
Level 2: 400 AOE , No Slow , 100 AoE DMG.
Level 3: 500 AOE , No Slow , 100 AoE DMG.
Level 4: 600 AOE , No Slow , 100 AoE DMG.

Ultimate : God of Wrath
Description: Urato summons the power of the God of Wrath. Then the God of Wrath makes all enemy heroes in an 2500 AOE have the Extreme Wrath in their hearts. But because of their Ire and being Sentinel, they can't abuse its benefitis.

Level 1: All enemies in an 2500 AOE takes 16% more damage.
Level 2: All enemies in an 2500 AOE takes 20% more damage.
Level 3: All enemies in an 2500 AOE takes 24% more damage.
Level 4: All enemies in an 2500 AOE takes 30% more damage.

Obs : Evil Spirit and Unleashed Wrath Increased attack speed stacks.

If you can't create the spell then guide me to the right way ;/.
Level 1
Jan 8, 2005
Already made things..

Evil Spirit = Can damage enemies and heal allies but I can't give bonuses/buffs or curses/debuffs to the skill.
I cant mix damaging enemis skill with lowering armor or healing dmg with increased attack speed.

Unleashed Wrath = Made it from the Unholy frenzy but i dont know how to give the curse of taking 25% more damage.

Lighting Ball = I dont know where to start.

Ultimate = same as Lighting Ball.
Level 11
Jul 20, 2004
Unleashed Wrath = Check every time an unit it is damaged. If that unit has the buff, you create a dummy unit for Damage Source and order it to do 0.25*Damage Received to the Unit Damaged. You can use IFS for different levels.

Well... You will need two functions IMO and a global variable which once the spell is cast, is set on true (boolean). Now, the second trigger sets the boolean to false when (An Unit Ends Casting An Ability) and (Ability Being Cast) equal to YourAbility.

For the first one, you make a loop and create dummy units and order them to move to random points in the AoE you wanted (base this spell off Blizzard but with no damage and shards and everything else). After 0.50 seconds you Pick Up Every Unit within 100 of (Dummy Unit) [give the unit you created to a global or something) and you create dummy units at position of that (Picked Unit) and you order them to cast Purge. Add Expiration timer. After this, you remove the First Unit and start all over again.

God of Wrath = Just as the first ability. Just give them buffs (something like an AoE umm... Something with buffs, channeled, and AoE). Perhaps give the unit an aura ability and after it stops casting the ability remove that aura. And the rest, do like at the first ability, just give different buff... ;)