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Requesting Small Team For Zombie Map

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Level 9
Aug 11, 2007
I'm looking for a team of about 5 or more To work on a map called "Night of the Living Dead".

The Team already consists of 2 people:

1. Me- Head of Operation
2. Moontraveler-Terrain Designer
3. Unit Maker
4. 04gusigo- Trigger Editor
5. Cinamatics Person

Moontraveler is our map maker/terrain designer.

I am the head of the operation, directing everyone telling them what we need to work on.

I need someone really good with script/triggers.

And i need someone who can import some models and edit/make units really good.

someone good with cinamatics would also be nice.

On the loading screen will show your names.

So dont worry, this map is serious, and already in effect right now, the terrain is being made and paart of already done.

So overall, i need someone who can edit units, custom icons and junk, (for the marines weapons and gear), and someone who is good with triggers so we can make all the triggers and stuff.

And someone who is good with cinamatics. This game is gonna have a lot of cut scenes, so i need someone good with those.

Thanks, and this would be a very great map if we cna get a team togather.

Also, more people will be accepted, because their will be some jobs we can't do, so if you have other talents such as:

idea suggesting
custom sound stuff
good with WE in general
all around cool guy

Anything, just talk in this thread, thanks for the help.
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Level 5
Jan 3, 2008
Hello Koopa124 I would like to join your "little" team as a trigger editor. I have made 1 map and 95% of triggers for another TD map I've been working on(not finished). I know how to make a custom arena(strange version), and believe me that took me a hell load of time, but dont worry Im an expirienced and skilled trigger editor, so I will be able to make triggers for your map in no time!
Level 5
Jan 21, 2008
Um that is kinda bad I really am not that good with the editor and would probably give you exactly what you asked for nothing more possibly less but I will gladly help with models.
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