Requesting Bleach Espada 1 to 10 Models!

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Jun 1, 2008
Well, i am planning to make a new unique type of bleach map that is different from other bleach maps like Bleach Wars, BvO etc.

The gameplay will be like Vampirism gameplay where Shinigamis [Builders in Vampirism] will first be weaker than Aizen [Vampire] and shinigami must farm to learn their bankai. When shinigami get their bankai, they will stand a chance to defeat Aizen. However, shinigamis killed by Aizen will become Espadas [Vampire] if they are not saved by their teammates within 1 minute. The full details have not be set but this is a summary of the game.

Thus, I will need Espada 1 to 10 models for my game, including Sword Release form [eg Pantera] . If you can make them, +Rep and credits will be given when my game releases which is November [BETA] and December [Official]. :thumbs_up:

This is how espadas look like
Espada Rank ---> 5/2/6/?/3/0 and 10/1/4/should be 7/ should be 8


Espada 1

Espada 2

Espada 3.

Espada 4

More coming soon.
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