[Request] Two Skins

Level 8
Aug 13, 2009

I am requesting two skins that would be fairly useful for many others, along with myself.

The request: I would like the Blood Mage and Spellbreaker to be turned into High Elves, and I don't mind if someone draws it or just copy and pastes it, but I want to them to match the in-game High Elf Swordsman (Gold trim and silver/iron armor).

In-depth: I'd like the redish orange trim on both the Blood Mage and Spellbreaker skins to be changed to the gold trim on the Swordsman model, the red armor on the Blood Mage to be changed to the silver/iron plate on the Swordsman model, and the black cloth/robe on the Spellbreaker to be changed to a white that matches closely with the RoC versions of the Priest and Sorceress.

I understand this may or may not be a difficult request, but I am very patient and I appreciate any help given. +rep to any who help. Thank you. :)