[Request] Terrain

Level 12
Dec 25, 2010
Can someone terrain something for me?
The terrains requests are:
An Ancient Forest with:
-512x512 Map Size
-Full Quality Forest with a Real village style surrounded with three forests:
-An Ashenvale style forest;
-A Lordaeron Summer Style forest;
-A Darkshore Style Forest;
-A Small Cave with a Large, Circular Room and in it a Frostmourne Pedestral;
-People talking with other people(Duh!);
-Guards and patrols;
-Two elite horsemen near a medium sized abandoned Mansion;
-BOSS AREA:Large, Circular Room, strange towers of energy targeting the center, in the center a gigantic sandstorm in a circular way and near it a Frostmourne Pedestral

An Old Castle with:
-512x512 Map Size
-Ruined Walls and Constructions
-Interior of the Castle revealed (5 Floors: 1st floor, 2nd Floor, 1st Floor Basement, 2nd Floor Basement and 3rd floor Basement
-Undead inside the 1st floor Basement to the 3rd floor Basement
-BOSS AREA: Medium Circular room at the end of the 3rd floor basement with a Skeleton Near a Throne (Diablo III King Leoric Battle Style)

A Battlefield with:
-512x512 Map Size
-Ruined City with a Pre-set Route to the Boss
-A (Medieval RPG War) themed Map
-Destroyed Siege Weapons
-Dead bodies of Drows, Humans, Elves (Blood Elves and High Elves), Undead (No Nerubians, No Forsaken, No Monstrous Beings)
-BOSS AREA: An circular area with an strange Women in the Middle (Roxane The Demon Huntress)

UPDATE: New terrain request
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