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[Request] Add a texture for my model!

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Level 3
Sep 10, 2008
I was asking a texture for this model, but i already did by myself, so the model is completely done by me.

So i can say, i'm a complete modeler. Model from Scratch, Animations & Texture.

Don't wait for this model release cuz nobody here helped me(no tutorials, nothing!)

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Level 1
Jan 20, 2009
I want this model too! x.x
Oops! I also want some type textures that it
if someone can do thank you very much: D
thanks people!
Level 8
Apr 4, 2006
No need to get mad. You think I've got ANY help at this site when I started modeling? Hah, no way, learned everything on my own too. And now I got high rated model rejected, only because moderator was lazy enough to not check it in game.
And you think I get angry at hive? Nope, cause I know whole community cannot be judged by few people behavior. So chill dude.
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