Republic Warden

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A bluish heavily armored variant of the Night Elven Warden. Can learn Fan of Knives, Blink, Silence and Mass Teleport.

These armored Wardens are formed by the Chief Warden Arabella Saul when the Republic needs their aid to stop the Imperial corruption under Commissar Darren Korman. They were under the guise of the Nephalem who were aided the Republic forces currently, these soldiers can evade death and swoop their ranks when it comes into close proximity.

Each Warden can be recruited only elves of any kind (Queldorei, Sindorei, Dark Elven, and/or Kaldorei alike)

TIP: Switch the armor type from flesh to metal.

Republic Warden Main Diffuse (Texture)

Republic Warden Main Emissive (Texture)

Republic Warden Cloth Diffuse (Texture)

Republic Warden Cloth ORM (Texture)

Republic Warden Hair Diffuse (Texture)

Republic Warden Weapon Diffuse (Texture)

Republic Warden Icon (Icon)