Removing Rally from building

Level 12
Oct 16, 2010

I want to make a building able to train units but I want to get rid of the rally point icon, I've seen it in Shango Tower Wars and I'd like it for my map.

The building will have 11 units and 1 building upgrades (final upgrade will have 12 units) so there isn't the space for the icon. If this is more complicated than I think then I'll just make the building sell them as I know how to do that already.

Thanks in advance!!
Level 22
Oct 12, 2008
They don't have the ability in the first place. Just when you add trainable units to a building a rally icon and the ability to place a rally point appear.

They do, Rally is automatically added to any unit that trains other units even though it is not be shown in the ability list.
Thus you need to remove it via trigger.

Don't believe me? try it.