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Removing Hero Glow

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Level 14
Jul 26, 2008
Alright I've tried it a little bit myself. First time I used Oinerwinkles and after removing it crashed the game. Then I tried a tutorial here on Hive. Didn't understand it and thus failed to do it properly. No glow removed. :\

So I bring my request here, asking simply to have the glow completely removed from the units uploaded. Preferably in a way that'll drop the kilobytes of the model and not just hide the glow, but completely remove it.

On two of the models the glow causes insane, huge flashes in game when the unit moves.

If someone fullfills my request I can exchange with a spell if wanted. I can work basic vJASS. Only drawback is I use external systems for all my complex spells.


  • HalduronBrightwing.mdl
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  • HeroSwordsman.mdl
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  • DarkToothHero2.mdl
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