This is a reindeer model, male & female (without antler).

It uses furion stag mount as base model & the blackstag critter animation.

I also made a version with furion stag animation for people that think that reindeer cannot jump around.

Custom texture is an edit of this resource : Megaloceros

I used riderless furion stag as base model which I found on this website, but I can't find it anymore.

I can add more detail on the edit I did if required.

Used Retera model studio, Mdlvis and Magos Editor for model editing.

Used Model Optimizer and Converter to optimize.

Feel free to edit.

I needed a reindeer model, I wasn't satisfied with the resource linked before, but the skin had the right color, therefore I used it as a basis to edit furion stag texture. Toyed a bit in photoshop until I reached a result that satisfy me.

The intent was to make a winter variant of stag critter, so I used its animation, I didn't put any effort in the icons as the unit is supposed to be a critter.

Reindeer Female (Model)

Reindeer Female Icon (Icon)

Reindeer Furion Animation (Model)

Reindeer Male (Model)

Reindeer Male Icon (Icon)

General Frank
Model works in the game and performs adequately well. Very creative. Good job.