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Reign of War II

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Level 11
Feb 22, 2006
Version 0.4.1
Refactored a bunch of internal code. Also fixed major bug where passive abilities on units were taking effect even if the tech requirements had not been met. Also tweaked the resource system so gold/lumber are given out every second instead of every 2 seconds (but normalized the income amounts so players still get gold/lumber at the same rate from resources).

Reign of War II

Choose one of three factions with which to build your empire. Construct cities to expand your borders and exploit the resources of your lands. Train an army and heroes and see them grow more powerful with every battle they survive. Forge alliances in your quest for domination, or subdue all those around you without mercy. Hire mercenaries to aid you, or even enlist the help of the gods by gaining their favor.


  • Three factions with unique units and heroes
  • Over 30 custom units, 9 custom heroes and over 100 unique abilities to choose from
  • Heroes can reach level 20, growing more powerful with each level
  • Even non-hero combat units gain experience from battle and are capable of earning up to 3 levels of veterancy
  • Heroics points reward those who prove themselves in combat, granting them access to better upgrades and abilities
  • Four gods to gain favor with, each offering a set of powerful abilities that can easily turn the tide of a decisive battle

Feel free to report any suggestions, bug reports, etc. in this thread or in a PM.


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