Regarding Reforged Icon Resolution

Level 1
Apr 28, 2019
Do we have any information on what will be the resolution of Reforged ability icons and icons in general? I’m making a series of icons for a custom Warcraft 3 Map at the moment, and knowing it will eventually get ported to Reforged i’d like to work on an optimal resolution right from the get go, to avoid re-doing them once Reforged comes out.

I usually work on 128x128 resolution for Warcraft 3 and let them scale down to 64, but i’d like to know if there’s any info on what Reforged’s icon resolution will be, since while i could take a guess and work on a higher resolution than 128x128, and scale them down once the time comes, i’ve found that doing that is often counterproductive to the final grain of the icon, at least when scaling them down to 64.

Thanks in advance
Level 3
Mar 28, 2008
Hey man, not sure if you still need help here after this long. But here's a link that should help. Old format is .DLP. The new icon format is .DDS.