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Red Sky

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Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
Today i was on an art museum with school, but there was one pic that fascinated me.
There was snow, a really red sky (leaves from the trees covered most of the picture) and a man coming out from a dark opening.
So i tried to make something similiar then, kinda found out Northrend tileset sucks ass due to theres no good cliff textures for it + the lame tiles except snow ofc.
Also wish there were more snowy tree models in UTM + ALOT more leaves on those tree models.

Im not very satisfied with the result, but im gonna try better next time ^^


  • red sky.jpg
    red sky.jpg
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Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
I think it looks pretty good! Looks like an art piece. Not cinematic like MadseN or void, more of a painting.
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