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Red/red shift textures

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Deleted member 238226


Deleted member 238226

hello hive community.

some people said red shift/red have one of the best skin in this site.

but, he deleted some of his work some times ago. i want to know if someone still have a his deleted texturing work.
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Deleted member 238226


Deleted member 238226

i mean i want to see more example of his textures works. his actually already created more than what is showed in his profile, but most of them is already deleted by himself. so, what i ask is, the deleted resources if someone still have it.

EDIT : i fixed the first post. i am sorry, i was kinda high at the moment that i created this thread.
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Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
If he has deleted the resources then there is probably nothing you can do to get them.

I do know that deleted resources are still physically kept by the site and are still available to moderators. However if they are willing to provide you with them is another question since there is likely some obligation that deleted resources are no longer distributed by the site.

I would recommend trying to ask the guy for the resources personally. That is always a good place to start.
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You should contact the author so he can give you his resources privately.
His skins were great indeed.

Here are the steps to take:
  • Send him a visitor message or a private message and request access to his skins:
  • Ask for the skins directly, or ask for permission for a moderator to give them out to you. I can give you the files if you can get his permission (resources that are deleted on the Hive are marked as 'deleted', but kept in the database for archival and restoration purposes).

However, if he doesn't want them used then we have to respect his decision, and I discourage anyone from posting them without his consent (even if you have them).

Let me know how it goes. :)
If he does not respond to the request at all after a period of time (say a few weeks) then what happens? In such a case he would neither have given or refused permission for him to see them.

It would be unethical to hand out the resources without the author's permission, so we would just have to leave it as the current situation stands if that were to happen. :\

They deleted it out of choice, so we have to respect that decision if so. I'm fine with handing out rejected resources (assuming they are not stolen) and those that are missing for reasons out of the author's control (e.g. some wc3c resources), but resources that were deleted by the authors require permission.
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