Recruitment for SilverLeaf Studios

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Level 9
Jun 7, 2008
After the fallout from leaving FOTR, SLS is now an independent entity working with clan 13sA. We are short on people right now, its just me, some community guy who's head tester, and my apprentice who is kinda busy at the moment.
First of all why the name SilverLeaf? Well it's epic, and the name of a great elf city I built in some city building MMORTS game (saga). Inactive now but still think about it a lot :cool:

->Most of all, TERRAINER (1 or 2)
->Triggerer, that's me. Another will be nice.
->Hero designers.

We have worked on the following projects before:

->Helms Deep Advanced (completed, final)
->Minas Tirith (stopped)
->LOTR RPG (prototype made, stopped)

And are working on the following projects:

->LOTR Battles (Recruiting for this, semi-active)
This is what is left of the RPG project, its basically an upgraded version of helms deep, with RPG elements. Instead of commanding crappy heroes (admittedly not much thought went into the heroes in helms deep) you will fight alongside them like in an RPG. characters save and load, choose your class, epic items etc etc.
The map will be in an instanced, minigame format with a central city and some stuff to do around there (thats the RPG part). The instances planned are helms deep (this time in FPS), Minas Tirith (should be easy most models are the same), some kind of village capture game and some space reserved. This should take up 2/3 of the map (1/3 used for the RPG area).

Playable classes: initial(upgraded at high level)
Elf: hunter(ranger), elementalist(druid)
Human: warrior(knight), ranger(sharpshooter)
Dwarf: warrior(brawler), engineer(tinker)

->Battleships RPG, in conjunction with Clan 13sA, SeAs, DAce, BoAt & RoFk and whoever else desides to jump on board (Prototype complete)
The long term goal. An immersive first person twitch based naval RPG with elements from the battleships maps. It will probably use the same movement model as the LOTR rpg (arrow keys, fixed cam).

Allright, how fast this can be done determines on how many people we can get into active mapping roles.
Level 9
Jun 7, 2008
FINAL RELEASE for Helms Deep Advanced


FINAL RELEASE Helms Deep Advanced (AKA LOTR Battles: Helms Deep)

Allright, as this is going to be discontinued in favor of the battles pack which will have its own helms deep, I'm going to just make this look great. After all, most of the terrain will be recycled in the battles pack.

As you can see, I'm still working on the walls.
The current plan:

-New save/load system (maybe)
-Items (maybe later)

So this will be the final content update for v2.0, more balance and system tweaks and minor item changes will likely follow before the team (lets hope not just me) moves on to the Battle Pack, and more importantly, the battleships RPG.

Thanks, you've been a small but great audience. Hopefully the battles pack will win more LOTR fans, even my ex brethren in FOTR.
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