Recruiting - Legends of Azeroth

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Sep 23, 2007
Recruiting - Legends of Azeroth - Need AI Programmer, Spell Maker, and VJass Trigger

Legends of Azeroth is a massive, 480X480 map in which there are 3 groups, composed of different factions:

composed, so far, of Humans and Dwarves.

composed, so far, of the Orcish Horde, Darkspear and Gurubashi Trolls

Other Forces:
composed of the Burning Legion (saytres, dreadlords, and other subfactions), the Fel Horde, the Scourge, and the Dark Horde.

Again, these are the factions SO FAR.
Each group will have 1 computer and 3 players. Players in each group will be able to pick a hero and the hero they pick will determine which faction and city they are a part of.

For example, if a player on the horde picks a Gurubashi Warlord, they will spawn as a Gurubashi Warlord in Zul Gurub, but if they pick a Troll Shadowhunter they will spawn as a Troll Shadowhunter in Orgrimmar.

Each hero will have a unique spell menu with 11 spells in total, a skill menu, and a build menu for setting up camps.

Any buildings that are built will be owned by the Computer of the group, which will have a special, very advanced AI to help continue build and expand the camp depending on the location and how much nearby territory is owned. Units will be created and camps will evolve, again how much and to what end is dependant on the location, nearby activity, and how much territory is owned.

Units owned by the computer will have certain tasks of course (with the computer AI, units will be gathered and attempt to take nearby territory and attack enemy groups).
HOWEVER they play a key role in player's gameplay, as there will be a hotkey to select a unit and tell it to follow you. Using this you can gather groups and attempt large scale quests such as taking an enemy village or aquiring a powerful artifact.
And the more territory your group owns, the more resources your group has. Territory will also grant you a currency that will replace lumber, that will be used to purchase or build anything that will be put towards your group, like camp structures or upgrades.

Although this may seem complicated, it is actually quite simple. Get into enemy territory, set up a camp, clear the area so the camp can evolve into a small village, get a group of infantry, and attack the enemy villages! Since you will only have control of your hero, and the wonderful, but still improving, third person view camera will changes your gameplay POV, you can have your spell menu open during battle all the time and it wont feel wierd.

The skill menu will involve a lot of skills unique to your hero, I am not entirely sure how to go about it yet, but certain things like a death knight ressurecting a killed Dragon into a permanent and powerful Frostwyrm or a horse into an undead mount for your hero to increase movement speed are some examples of things that will be involved as skills.

The map is a full world map of Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Outland, as well as instances, however I am currently putting Northrend on hold. There will be a lot of competative gameplay, as there will be a total of 9 players in competition. The map itself is massive, and it is augmented by the third person view of your one hero, so the feel that a regions is a regions, or even that a continent is a freaking continent, is present in this map. Amazing weather effects are also implemented into the map to further increase the atmosphere of the world.


-Someone who is experienced in making spells

-Someone who can program very good AI

-Someone who knows their way well around vJass

If there is one of you that can do more than one of these things, I would be more than happy to recruit you to do so :)

I just want anyone who is interested to know that I am dedicated to this map and work on it for hours straight. I don't slack off, I don't procrastinate, and I and very productive. I am actually redoing more than half of Kalimdor because I am considering space for Outland on the south side of the map (and I work very hard on terrain and detail).

Thank you for reading, and screen shots will be provided in time.

EDIT:: I forgot to mention, you MUST use newgen when working on this map. And I suggest that, if your antivirus has problems with it, download Avast Free Antivirus and WHITELIST Grimoire, then enable Avast while your current antivirus is disabled while working on the map. Download that antivirus and enable it while your antivirus is disabled IF your antivirus has problems with it.
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