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Rebel Storm (War based game)

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May 15, 2009
Rebel Storm

Rebel Storm
In a world of warring kingdoms, a rebel alliance has formed to undo the wicked hands of tyranny. You and your fellow rebels must find safe areas of land to set up camps and begin training your army to overtake the local kingdoms. As the game progresses, the rulers send more powerful forces to "deal" with the problem.
So, what exactly are we looking at here?
Good question! In pretty simple terms, it is similar to "Custom Castle Defense" in that enemy units will be spawning towards you all game, while you attempt to grow bases, increase your economy, and eventually overcome some bases. There will be specific areas in which you can obtain income, both lumber and gold are very important.

How does I do it?
You start with a Revolutionist and some basic units. You are given a minute to look over the area you have spawned in. Keep your eyes open for choke points that you can funnel enemy units through. After the first minute, you are given another 6 minutes to start building. With your revolutionist you want to build some gold mines and lumber mills, which can only be built in specific areas (they are clearly marked). Through the use of towers, walls, and units, you want to try to expand your base to obtain more gold mines and lumber mills. These provide you with income. Income is good. Early game is a little hectic, making sure you have a well secured base; once the spawns start you should be stable enough to work on your economy more.

Game Progression
During the progress of the game, random world events will happen that can both help, or hurt you. Natural disasters can hinder your growth, as can assassin camps, which will randomly pop up. With luck, you can find abandoned wagons and loot any goodies left behind. Units can find and use scrap weapons from the enemies they kill in battle. These events will be randomly generated, so every game has a unique feel to it. With great luck early, you might find the game easy. With bad luck early, you may get rocked.

As the game progresses, the kingdoms also progress. Their progression scales as the game goes on. With this in mind, it may be a much better idea to destroy a castle early, to limit the spawns. If you attempt to wait-out the game, and just income and max everything out, then the game will destroy you.


Unlike most games, this is not going to be the kind of game where you farm for 6 hours and then let a tome'd up hero destroy everything in the game. The heroes will be geared towards "Group leaders" opposed to "one man armies". There will be no tomes purchasable, and no "secret" weapons that you can obtain after 4 hours of side-questing, or searching the map.

For the most part, items will be kept simple. You can buy backpack upgrades, starting with 1 slot, going up to 6. the upgrade is pretty expensive, of course. The general idea is that although the majority of weapons you can find in the game are gonna be "garbage" having 6 items on a unit can give him a solid 50% bonus to his normal stats. Put this on a dozen of your finest warriors, and you have a nice little troop.


This game is based mostly on upgrades for your troops. There are a dozen "base" upgrades for your units. Ranged, melee, building, and mystic; armor, life, damage, ect. There are 50 levels of each upgrade though. The idea is that players can specialize in a type of unit, and hopefully work together with allies to create a strong army.

Upgrades are static values, with the exception of increased life. Upgrade costs increase with level. A smart person might realize that at a certain point, maybe investing 8000 gold and 1000 lumber into a damage upgrade is not a good investment. In fact, if you take the time to try to max out a class before you start killing castles, you will lose the game.

Winning the game:
Simple enough, you have to destroy all 5 castles that are on the map without getting your revolutionist killed. Every building in a castle's courtyard will spawn a "miniboss" unit when destroyed. If you destroy a castle, all buildings in it's courtyard are destroyed. Simple math will suggest that 30 mini-boss's attacking you at once might hurt. Especially if you die, and they run rampant on the map.

Me and some friends have been testing this a lot. We usually do decent, but rarely win. If you are having a hard time getting into the swing of the game, you can try what we usually do.

Starting positions are random, but we always start building right where we start so that we can get a few more income ticks before the spawns start. Usually we start with 4-5 gold mines and 1 lumber mill. At some point, we build a starting base in there. You can use your starting peasant to help power build, which is killer. use the -zoom XXXX function to zoom out and get a good look at your area. You want to try to trap in as many gold mines as possible, with as few of walls as possible. Also, the center castle spawns the most units, so you want to send your starting troops in that direction. Usually with 4-6 walls (a row or two of barriers, with a handful of towers behind them) we each manage to block in at least 12 gold mines and 6-8 lumber mills.

Towers cost food, and are expensive for their damage. Their life is low, and they are outranged by enemy mortars, in many situations. If you really want to be safe, you need some units to fortify your heavily-attacked walls. Some walls will only get a creep every minute or so. You will quickly learn which walls take the most damage. Once the fighting settles down and you are making an easy go of the enemy forces, you need to build more gold mines and lumber mills. Make sure to build all of the mines/mills you can in your blocked off area. Then upgrade your starting base, and upgrade a handful of your wall towers. Once you feel safe again, start spam upgrading your gold mines and lumber mills. When they are close to maxed, upgrade your main base again, and get some advanced builders.

This is where the teamwork comes in. Whoever has the highest income, needs to research and build mystic units. These are the most expensive units to build and upgrade; but with good reason. the more players in the game, the better. Having a player to specialize in ranged, and another to specialize in melee makes for a great set-up. Damage types are also important. Siege has the highest damage, and rocks towers; but is very weak against the mini-bosses who spawn, and all of the other units that spawn. Mystic units have spells, which deal great damage, or heal, if you have the mana to support them. Ranged units have pretty good DPS, and well, ranged attackers are ranged attackers.

Food is very important in this game. Gold mines, lumber mills, towers, and units all use food. Units all cost different food. The strongest units cost the most food, while weak units cost only a single food. It is important to plan out if you want 30 very strong units, or 120 weaker units. Depending on what other units are attacking a castle, you might want various units. Usually we have melee get lower-food units, with a handful of siege damage, high food units. Ranged gets high food units for burst damage on bosses, and mystic can only get mid-high food units.

To-Do List:
+20 Random world events
+8-10 Heroes
+30% Finish Rough terraining
+90% "Pretty" terraining
+30-40 Items
+Stronger story line
+5-6 Red can alter game Settings
+20-30 General Tips
+3-5 Upload pictures


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May 15, 2009
Bump for a map to download and test. There is still a lot that needs to be done, but that is a shell of it. Most of the units are created. No heroes yet, most of the terrain is blank, none of the terrain is "finalized". However, I have created small systems for adding gold mines and lumber mills that makes to process very easy for me, the editor, to add/move/remove the mines.

But yeah, check it out; offer and ideas you might have.
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