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Really simple, but im retarded.

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Level 1
May 18, 2009
Okay, so I cant find/ figure out how exactly to set up what i think should be a really simple trigger.

Scope: Create a specific unit (albatross) for <triggering player> at <region> when a <town hall classed building> dies at <region>

Basically I've got some friends who are super new to War 3 and I wanna make a trigger that creates an albatross @ their main bases town hall when its killed. This albatross will then be used @ a circle of power to create a new town hall and 5 workers @ their starting location. This is so if they get killed in a game w/ me by the comps they can come back to life and I can try and continue teaching them as opposed to rehosting a map and waiting for the comp to tech back up so i can show them a situational counter.

Heres what I anticipate the trigger looking like
<Event> Unit Dies @ location <region 1>
<Condition> <triggering unit> is of type <town hall>
<action> Create <albatross> at location <region 1> under <player 1> control

Could you guys help me out? I can't figure out how to check if the dying unit was a town hall typed building.
Level 2
May 20, 2009
I would do something like this

Building 01 dies*specific unit event, townhall*
Create 01 albatross at region*place where town hall is* facing default building degrees

So you will need multiple triggers selecting each of your friends town hall.
Make a region at each town hall and a region of where they can revive.
And for the building thing you could make the albatross have the build thing

a unit enters *region*
If all conditions are true then do action else do action
Owner of Trigerin unit = *player*
Triggering Unit = Albatross
Then Do action
Remove Triggering unit
Create 05 peasents at *region* facing default building degrees
Create 01 town hall at *region* facing default building degrees
Do nothing

Well not sure if it works. I never tried.
I like your Idea, really smart! =)

  • Events
  • Unit - A unit Dies
  • Conditions
  • Actions
  • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
  • If - Conditions
  • ((Unit-type of (Dying unit)) is A town-hall-type unit) Equal to True
  • Then - Actions
  • Unit - Create 1 Albatross for (Owner of (Dying unit)) at (Center of Region1 <gen>)
  • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_Region1)
In the Action-Condition (If all are true bla bla) you can add more conditions for more accurate results.

Now for example the computers will get an albatross aswell.

Need help with that also?

"((Unit-type of (Dying unit)) is A town-hall-type unit) Equal to True", that is from "Boolean Comparison"

One more thing:
Why not make the Albatross able to build a town hall?
Easy to do, and less triggers (Y)

Then you can just set the amount of lumber/gold the owner of albatross should have after its Town Hall got owned =O)

If you give me some time to sleep and go to early meeting (aprox 12 hours from now) I can make a really good system for you.
Anyway, cheers!
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