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Mar 28, 2009
Durwin's Tale ORPG (story; complete)

Hi guys,

I'm currently (more or less) on a project, relating to a map project. The map has no name yet, but the creator is Tr!KzZ (aka SlyRipper).
I already gave a little sample to a friend (Nbah) and got his opinion (don't tell it here :p).
However i need more and i want to see happy faces.

Reading sample:

By Jason A. Flowers

Story by Gaegamel

Preface (Foreword)

„The aim while wandering isn’t the destination. It’s the travel.“
~ Old wandering saying

„Always pack in a tent. You don’t know where you land while travelling“
~ Old wandering saying

„Should you forget where you must go, go somewhere and you will remember“
~ Old wandering saying

„Always pack in a cross. Otherwise god will punish you“
~ Unknown

„ ...The dwarves are a very calme and patient race. But don’t think they are weak. That would be your last lesson, before they crush your knees and cut you in two pieces with one slash... “
~ Royal Explorer of King Brand Bronzebeard, slightly adapted

„Don’t dare to marry, when your true wife is the nature“
~ Simos Reventi (Friendly person I met, while travelling)

„When you don’t tell your stories to the people, they won’t listen“
~ Note by myself

„Boy, keep an eye on the environment. The environment will keep an eye on you too, then.
~ Jigg Tollerham (former teacher of me)

Time: 3 Moons before Sunfall ; Morning
Place: Somewhere in Azeroth. 2 days away to capital city

It was a nice day today, again. After I woke up in my tent i took my equipment, pack up the tent and continued my journey to the capital.
After one hour of travelling a knight on it’s horse crossed my way. I asked him whether he could tell me how long I must walk until I would reach the nearest town.
He answered me exactly. He also was friendly. Normally a human knight doesn‘t speak with a wanderer very much. But when he does it, he is very rude and tries at all costs to shorten up the conversation.
But as I wrote down, he wasn’t like the others. He informed me to walk further the street, he came from and that I would need 2 until 3 hours. Then I should see a little statue of a dwarf. He also told me that this town is called Durwin’s Rest. Durwin was an old fighter and general, who leat the humans to several victories. But he lost his last fight, as two assassins wanted to kill him.
He managed to kill the first and severely wound the second. But he couldn’t avoid the dagger, that would cut his throat.
The survivor wanted to cut off his head, but the neighbours of Durwin noticed the noise and wanted to check what had been going on.
As they entered the house, the only thing they saw had been a bleeding Durwin Ironhand.
They buried him and changed the former town’s name into „Durwin’s Rest“.
But the knight forgot the time and excused himself for taking my time.
We said goodbye to eachother and I continued my way.

Noon: I reached Durwin’s rest. The first destination, I visited, was the statue of Durwin Ironhand and his grave. I prayed for him and let my necklace on his grave. May he rest in peace and find his ancestors.
Afterwards I informed myself where i could find a tavern to rest and went in. The tavern was very busy. That suprised me very much, because i thought that a tavern in a town isn’t very full of people. I went to the owner and asked for a room to rent. Fortunately he had a free one.

Afternoon: After I left my eqipment in the tavern and rested a bit in the tavern, I began to further explore the town.
So i asked several inhabitants whether i can find something of interest.
They refered me to a portal-like structure in the mountains.
After i informed me further where this place lied, I travelled to it. It wasn’t very far away. Half an hour maybe. But as our teacher told us: „ The time doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters, is the place“.
After i reached it, i began to explore the construction. It was around 20-25 metres high,
10 metres wide and guarded by 2 stony statues on each side.
But this portal-like thing was build into a mountain that had a multiple size of the building.
The Portal was also surrounded by runes and other letters in an old language.
It gradually was getting dark and I continued exploring this wonderful and also strange thing.
After a total of 5 hours exploring this and taking pictures, I decided to go back again.
Maybe some wild animals could be able kill me when it’s getting really dark.
I went back into the tavern and into my room.
The tavern was still busy and i prefered to sleep without taking a meal, because it would have lasted too long.
I prepared myself for bed and couldn’t sleep normal, because these portal-like thing made me thinking about it.

Time: 4 Moons after Sunfall ; Morning
Place: Durwin’s Rest

I knew that this day would be a strange day, when I woke up. A bad feeling affected me, while i stood there in the tavern and drank a beer. Someone chased me. I were even able to feel it. But what kind of person or might would chase a wanderer? Maybe I would find out it later.
While i drank my beer, a man came into the tavern. He wore a blue robe and a red hut with one green jewel on it. As he came to the owner and sit nearby me, I saw his face. He was old. And combined with his outfit, i could swear, he was a magican or a cultist. But why should a magican come to a small town like that?
Maybe he searched for a rest, as I did it yesterday. But....There are too many secrets beyond this.
The thoughts of yesterday had chasen me all the time and didn’t stop while I looked at this man.
Could he know something about this gate-like thing, I‘ve seen yesterday? The thoughts tormented me, until I spoke to him. I began the conversation with some easy questions, like „why did you came to such a quiet place?“ or „are you a mage of the royal mage council?“. But it seemed that I went on his nerves and so the conversation ended very early.
After I drank my little beer and ate some fruits, I bought myself some food as ration. Who knows where I could buy new rations next.
I finished all my tasks went up and packed my backpack. Before I went out of the tavern I checked it whether the strange guest was still there. He already left.
I went out of the buiding and wanted to continue my journey through Azeroth, as i saw a hat disappearing behind a crop field, that leat to the strange gate.
I couldn’t satisfy my curiosity and followed him until he reached the waygate.
All was so familiar, but I could swear something changed since my last visit. The gate stood in front of me as normal, but a circle had been drawn 5 metres before the entrance, a couple of stairs.
I hide myself behind a tree and made myself comfortable. I had the strange feeling that this would last a bit longer, than i would except. And it was true. The man prepared something i couldn’t see. A ritual? Here? I read about rituals in books, I found and bought along my journeys, but that rituals were different.
While I watched the scene, something touched my shoulder. „Ohh no. He catched me. I hope, I will die quick and don’t live further as an undead.“ I turned myself around and looked at a tiny stick on the ground. Why should a magican kill a wanderer that rested in the woods? Maybe, because I didn’t rest in the woods and watched the scene. Maybe... Maybe...
But now the real action began. He walked into the circle and stood in the middle of it. He spoke a ritual and I noticed that the circle beneath his toes changed the colors all the time. Sometimes it went green then red and at last green again. But that didn’t matter, because the result could have been the same, when the colors would be different. I looked at the gate, the magican aimed with his fingers and saw how it changed. The runes, that were hit into the mountain, began to glow.
This scene was amazing and scary at the same time. And the final was an explosion of huge dimension. The air charged magic and discharged in no time. I felt pain around my body. My skin threw vesicles that partly bursted and all around me was affected by this, too.
For a couple of seconds I wished myself, travelling around and I wouldn’t care about this now. But I were here and needed to live with the consequences.
I wouldn’t stand this pain anylonger and thought that this would be my last action, but it ended as fast as it began.
My body cried of pain, but I forced myself, watching the result. The man was still standing in the circle. But in contrast to me he was unhurt. It seemed the circle protected him against these kind of magic.
But these couple of seconds were enough, before I got unconscious.
Noon-Afternoon: I woke up and found myself on the same spot, as I felt unconscious.
My body cried of pain. And in normal situations i would have taken myself to the next inn. But in this situations, someone needed to explore what was going on.
I needed to treat the wounds or i wouldn’t see the next days. However the only things i have, were rations and some tools for survival. Nothing to cure a wound.
So I gave up and looked what happened to the environment around me.
Once this place was a beautiful home for animals of all kind, but now all was burnt as far as I could see.
This green place changed into a sad piece of ground. The trees hadn’t crowns anymore and the bushes around me dropped slightly burned leaves. But at least I survived this horrors.
I stood up and looked at the portal. It wasn’t grey anymore. Every man could have seen that this portal wasn’t and wouldn’t be grey. It’s original color was black. The Stone guardians’s eyes glow red. And I saw a third stony face at the top of the portal. It looked like a deer with two horns. Could a demon look like that? Too much thoughts. I needed to be calm and not suprised by all of this interesting things.
One of these suprising things was the portal with his green column of light.
Especially, because I needed a priest that would cure my wounds.
But where could I find the next priest? I neighter saw a cathedral in Durwin‘s Rest nor a church.
So my only chance was the portal. I checked the area. The magican wasn’t there anymore. The only things remaining were his ingredients and the circle.
All seemed to be safe and I went to his tools in hope, finding anything useful. Some empty papers and some vials. Nothing of use. Suddenly I noticed a little paper with some strange symbols on it.
I couldn’t read them, but maybe one of the magicans of the royal council could do it. So I put it into the backpack and looked at the portal. It was shining as it did it before. Now all will depend on this „little“ thing.
Before I would go into it i needed something to defend myself. Luckily I was carrying a knife with me.
I fished it out of my backpack and bound it to my belt. All was ready. I ignored the pain and went into the portal. After it swallowed me, I felt a strange feeling. The last thing I saw, was a green haze. Then I felt unconscious.

(You read: Part 1 ^^ (there are more, trust me ... ohh and Nbah))

Part 2:
Little foreowrd: I can provide another part of this story.
As before, i can't guarantee the perfect writting of words. Someone already mentioned some typo errors in my story. Thank you (the person knows, who i meant).

Real story:

Time: ???
Place: ???

I woke up. I opened my eyes and caught the first light, since I went through the portal. My eyes needed to get habit with the light again. The little daze lasted around a couple of seconds, until I fully got my view back. I looked around me and explored the room, where I were. Meanwhile I stood, accompanied of pain. But that couldn’t hold me, exploring the room. However the room wasn’t a room. It was a cave. I saw two ways in front of me. And in my neck was the portal. With his typical green glow and the three figures. All was amazing and I could have looked at the portal all the time, but the pain in my body didn’t admit it. So i were forced to search for a priest, however firstly for an exit out of this cave.
The journey was the hardest one, I’ve ever done. Because firstly I didn’t know the way out and so i needed to choose carefully. Who knows what would have awaited me after the next corner. And secondly, what was the more important thing, because my body treatened me to quit his job at any time. Luckily these both signs didn’t happen. So i found the exit and went out.

Time: ???
Place: Out of the cave

Noon: Finally I left the cave. And I were welcome by a smell of mountain flowers and the habit feeling of dirt beneath my feet. Now I needed to find a town...before sunset.
And I were forced to choose my path again. In front of me were two ways again. But the luck guarded me all the time on my way from Durwin’s Rest to the portal and back, the spell, the strange hooded man casted to open the portal and last but not least, after I had been in this cave and left it successfully.
So I had no doubt that the luck would end here. I concentrated myself on the ways, ignoring the pain of my body and decided myself to take the left one.
And I began to do the only thing I could: walk.

Time: 13 Moons before Sunfall
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

Today, something strange happened. Our new visitor opened his eyes for a couple of seconds. After 3 days of resting in one of our inns. We were afraid, that he could die. Bless the God’s that he didn’t. My sister found him 3 days ago. It was a stormy and rainy night, but she wanted to look after the animals on our farm not far away. I wondered, why she came back home so early, as i saw, that she pulled a wanderer behind her. My parents came down the stairs and noticed the dirty and unconscious person. They ran to the village priest Kel’Dun, a former nightelf druid, and told him to follow them back home. They also told him, how her daughter found the man, while they were walking. As Kel’Dun arrived, he asked, where the patient lied and my sister leat him to her bed, where the man was sleeping. The priest watched the wounds and I saw the incredible and also visible pain, the man had. His whole body was full of blisters. The man had to suffer under great pains and I hoped, that he would recover soon. While I were praying, an object called my attention. It was in one of the wanderers’s pockets. However it was partly to recognize. I went closer to it and put it carefully out of the pocket. What I found is, where I currently write in. The diary was quite used and tattered. But it had some pages remaining and so i decided to keep it, until the wanderer would awake. Maybe he would to know, how he had been rescued by my sister and how the story continued. So I write in the small, tattered book of the old wanderer.
It’s Afternoon. But I shouldn’t waste the space, he could need for his own things.

Time: 15 Moons before Sunfall
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

Today... I swore to let it. Doesn’t matter how important it would be.
However i found another thing in the wanderer’s pocket. It was a piece of paper with some runes on it. I took it off the pocket and wanted to give it to Kel’Dun, as it began to glow in a red light and disappeared in my fingers.
(I’m sorry dear owner, that I wrote in your diary again. I hope you forgive me.)
Note: I put the diary in your pocket again.

That was Part 2. Don't forget to give +rep :p

To Nbah: don't give other parts to others please. I will decide, when i make public.

Part 3

Long time of abscinence and now i decided to release another part. Here it is. Longer one this time (again :D)

Time: ??? Supplement: 16 Moons before Sunfall
Place: ??? Supplement: Agaïs’s Fall

I woke up. And I found myself in a room. But where was that room and how did I come here? I tried to stand up, but get familiar again with the pain, that run through my body. Suprisingly it wasn’t as strong as in the cave or before.
So I were forced to look around in the room. It was similiar to the room, I’ve seen in the inn some time ago.
Suddenly I felt a new feeling running into my brain. I were thirsty. Fortunately a cup and a can of water stood nearby. I put up my hand to grab the can as suddenly a person came into the room. It was a young woman. She saw at me and collapsed. The room were filled with a loud noise. Some quiet seconds followed. I concentrated to fill the cup with water again. Finally I were able to fill it. The woman had to wait. I needed to drink at first. I put down the can and sit up to drink. I took the cap and lifted it in front of my mouth. It was good to taste water again. I refilled the cup and drank again...and again. Slowly my senses came back again. I could smell, see and feel fully again.
A new person entered the room. It was a slightly fat man. Probably the owner of this house or whatever. He had a long black beard. I looked at him and he looked at the collapsed woman. Shortly afterwards he looked at me. His face changed into a friendly and considerated one. He went to my bed, took the can, filled the cup and last but not least released the rest on the head of the young woman. She awakened again. She felt to be embrassed. She stood up again and looked at me. And her knees treatened again to let her fall. So the man took the initiative and hold her. While I looked at her I remembered her. Some time ago I opened one eye and she was the first and last face I’ve seen in that moment, I were awaken. Seconds later I became unconscious again.
She smiled at me and I smiled at her. I eyed her. She had long blonde hair bound to a pigtail. The pigtail hang down on her left shoulder.She had big blue eyes that made her beautiful alone. But she weared a necklace of a shining metal and pearls. This combination made me crazy. Meanwhile I were thinking, whether we could have a future together, she were able to hold herself again and the man released her of his clamp. I introduced myself and they introduced themselves.
The woman’s name is Prilla and the man’s name is Martin.
Shortly afterwards the man had to go. He apologized himself and left the room. Now Prilla and me were alone. He took herself a seat and began to tell, what happened to me and how she found me. I also read the entries, the former owner made. So I knew a bit. But I listened as good as I could to her. I archieved a part of her story:
„It was a rainy and stormy day at all. At afternoon I wanted to look after the cattle. So I took a latern with me. I walked to the shed and while I were walking back I noticed an object in a bush. I went closer and recognized a foot. I weren’t able to carry you on my own, but I were able to pull you the whole way. A long time afterwards I finally reached the village and brought you to bed. My parents called the town priest, a former nightlf druid and all prayed for you, while he was healing your wounds. We also convinced the inn keeper, you have seen before, to give you a room in his inn for free. As far as I know he owed our family a favour. And that‘s why you are here. I brought you a fresh can of water and some bread everyday in hope you would awaken. But you slept for around 7 mooncircles. Until I’ve seen you now.“
She was still exciting. Poor young woman. Needed to pull me the whole way.
So I did the only thing i could in such a situation now: Apologize for all the trouble I’ve caused. But she didn’t care about this much.
Instead she wanted to know more about me. By the way I wanted to know more about her, too.
So she asked me questions and I answered, until I hadn’t anything more to tell. So I asked her questions and she needed to answer.
Afterwards I felt, how the power came back into my body. This conversation strenghtened me, too. I asked her to turn herself around, because i needed to dress myself. She turned around and I put my clothes again. I also found my book again and recognized, that someone wrote an entry in it. We continued our conversation, while she wanted to show me her home.

Time: 16 Moons before Sunfall
Place: Prillas home / Agaïs’s Fall

Noon-Afternoon: We entered the house from the backyard. Prilla wanted to suprise her brother Milo and her parents. The house was bigger indoor than I guessed, while I were outside.
It was a normal house made of wood and with some flowers around it. Nothing special. But why should a wanderer, that had experiences with all kind of stony and hard things, think something bad about this rural house.
We weren’t even in as she put my hand and pulled me violently in her bedroom. It seemed, she wanted to be undisturbed. We continued our conversation and made each other compliments. We also teased us. I even asked myself, whether I should finally search myself a woman and stop wandering around. And I will search myself a woman. I’m currently 23 winters old. It’s time to search a wife.
I interrupted myself, as another woman came in and astonishingly didn’t collapse. That was a miracle, because the only woman I saw, collapsed and felt unconscious.
She looked at me and looked at Prilla. Then she suddenly began to cry and ran down. I wondered, what I had done and wanted to ask Prilla, but the question was answered by itself, as the woman came back and brought 2 men with her.
One younger than the other. The woman was still crying. She lifted her hand and pointed at me while she mumbled some things, I weren’t able to understand. The two men came and introduced themselves. One was Prillas’s father, David, and the other was her brother, Milo. David also introduced her wife, who was still crying. Only a bit less. Her name is Sandra.
But I became quickly the center of following talks. Although I didn’t and don’t like it.
They wanted to know all and so i were forced to tell them all things again. After I finished telling my story to all I smiled at Milo and showed him my diary. He looked confused to me, until he remembered, what I wanted to say him. Then he smiled back.
It was getting dark and they wanted me to eat with them. We ate together and I wanted to go back to the inn to rent myself a room, but they blocked the door and forced me to stay here for a night.

Time: 12 Moons after Sunfall
Place: Prillas home / Agaïs’s Fall

Morning: Finally I found my diary again. I must have lost it, while I were aiding Prillas’s father several days ago. I’m still living in Prilla’s house with their parents and I‘m still in love with her. We learned eachother more and I could still imagine to give up, wandering around, and marry her. Today Prilla and me helped at the crop field, placing the seeds. We already ploughed the ground and supplied it with cow dung. In a half of a yearcyrcle we would be able to collect the crops. We also began to harvest the corn today.
Afternoon: We finished placing the seeds and partly harvesting the corn.
Then Prilla and me left the field, returning home. While we were walking, we talked and I put Prilla’s hairs back straight. She thanked it with a little kiss on my cheek. That made me so happy, that I packed her on her hips and slipped her on my right shoulder. She was so suprised, that she didn’t say stop. I interpreted it as a demand to continue and began running back home with her on my shoulders.
We nearly reached the home, as an approaching and strange looking villager collapsed in front of us. I stopped and Prilla wanted to know, why I were stopping. I put her back on the ground and ran to the villager. He was filled with cuts and blood. Some of it was clotted already. He needed help fast. Meanwhile I were looking at the body for a short time, Prilla came and saw the body too. I don’t know what she thought or how her facial expression was. The only think I knew was, that this man needed a healer soon. And after all, i knew where i could find one. It was the old Kel’Dun, the townpriest. He had a little church in the centre of the village. Now I needed to react fast. I asked Prilla, whether she could inform Kel’Dun and prepare a bed in the inn. She should inform the priest, while I would carry the body to the inn. After she heard my request, she ran away. I instead packed the body and slipped it over my right shoulder, as I did it before.
I went the long way to the inn until I finally stood in front of it. I opened the door and got witness of a big brawl. The day began very calme, but I had the strange presentiment, that something would happen today. And it did. The whole inn was a battlefield. I asked myself, who could have done this, but I remembered fast, that I had a dying body on my shoulder. And I needed to react fast...again. But how could i react fast with a body on my shoulder?. I entered the room and recognized the first bottles, flying at me. I avoided them and made myself on the way through the brawl.
And another pair of bottles flew above my head like bullets of rifleman. Another long history, i will tell another time, but now back to the brawl. It was like a battle, but there weren’t any bullets or cannons. Instaed there were bottles and flying tables.
I finally reached the end where the owner usually should be. He was there, only he was ducking behind his table. I ducked myself, too. I didn’t want to be responsible for the man’s death. I asked, whether the room, Prilla asked for, was ready. He affirmed and guided me upstairs to the prepared room. I opened the door and saw Prilla and Kel’Dun waiting for me.
I dropped the body of the stranger on the bed and Kel’Dun began to cast a spell. He lifted his opened hand and a white glowing ball formed itself on it. While he was channeling the spell, the ball changed his form. Sometimes it looked like normal. Sometimes it looked more like a disk.
But after he finished channeling the spell, the ball went back into it’s usual form.
He turned his hand around and layed the hand with the white ball on the chest of the man.
Suddenly the ball disappeared and thousands of other balls surrounded the body. They crawled around the body like insects. After they reached a wound, they crawled in, disappeared and filled it. Until the flesh was totally restored. The remaining balls searched for blood and removed it, destroying themselves. That suprised me, because although I saw many things on my travels, that had been a totally new experience.
And the wounds closed in no time. Nobody, that hadn’t seen him before, could have thought that he could have been hurt by something.
A couple of seconds later, all balls disappeared and the man revealed us, how he really looked like. But Kel’Dun ordered Prilla and me to go out, although he knew, that we were exciting. A comparison could be: Exciting like a dog, waiting for his meal.
We, forced by Kel’Dun, went out. I couldn’t talk to her, because I needed to progress this in my brain. A man, that was severely wounded and a priest, that cured his wounds in no time. But why hadn’t the priest make the same ritual with me. Instead I needed to rely my body, curing my wounds. I wanted answeres. I thought some time, to open the door again and begin a talk with the priest, as suddenly the door opened itself. A man came out and I recognized the white robe. It was Kel’Dun. But he was very exhausted and tired. I wanted to ask, but the question answered by itself. As he healed me some time ago, he did it only partly. Each spell of this kind drained Kel’Duns energy. Example: When a man with cuts all over his body drained Kel’Dun most of his own energy, a man like me would have killed him.
It gradually was time to go to bed, because Prilla and me ought to wake up early the next morning. And the man in the bed needed his rest, too.
We went down together and found a scene of chaotic order. All was eighter destroyed or not on the former place. Except the table of the barkeeper / owner of the inn.
The brawl ended, but nobody cared of cleaning all the mess, but the owner.
I wanted to know, how and why the brawl happened. He informed me, that a man saw another one cheating on a game. He cornered the cheater. Instead of an answer, he got one slap in his chest. And it seemed, that both opponents had a gang-like relationship in the village. And most of the opponent‘s gangmembers were in the inn, too. So everyone’s mates hit the opponent‘s one.
But he couldn’t tell us the end of the brawl. Because he didn’t know which man lying on the ground belonged to which side.
And now he had to clean all the mess, because he was afraid, that the guests would leave the inn otherwise.
We said goodbye and wished him a good night and good luck, cleaning all the mess.
Afternoon - Midnight After we reached Prillas home, an angered woman and a suprised man were awaiting us. She made worries about us. I looked outside and saw the moon, shining at us. It was nearly midnight.

Part 3 -- end

Time: 13 Moons after Sunfall
Place: Prillas home / Agaïs’s Fall

Morning: The day began worse, than I expected the day before. Firstly, because I needed to work very early, which was quite normal.
But I hadn’t got much time to sleep, since I went to bed at midnight.
And secondly, because Prilla is sick. She caught herself a cold and couldn’t work with me on the fields. Now I felt myself alone. Usually I talk, while I work and that makes the work easier. But now I need to do the work and care about my girlfriend. Today it was time to plough the ground for the potatoes. The cows and sheep needed to feed and milked. I also were arraged to chop some wood in the nearby forest. However before I went to work, I looked after Prilla, who layed in her bed and brought her a new can of hot water and some herbs. She could make herself a tea, when desired.
Noon: I finally finished all. I thought, it would last longer, working alone. But the sick Prilla was also a motivation. The only thing remain, was the wood.
So I went back home. I dropped the tools near the shelter and took the axe to go to the forest. While walking I remembered, how I once came out of the forest, searching a priest, that could cure my wounds. And how Prilla saved me. While I thought more and more, I came closer to the woods.
Although I should take care of myself at the woods and draw attention to any sound, I decided myself to think, while working. Many woodcutter regretted this decision, because they died.
I chopped down the first tree and saw how it fell down. I removed the little sticks and began to devide the tree into small peaces. It wasn‘t one of the big ones. Only a little pine, I think.
After I cut it into carryable pieces, I began to collect and rally them on a pile. To fasten this process, I dropped my axe on the ground. And I thought again, without drawing attention to the surrounding sounds. Because in most cases it was a small animal and no wolf or bear. Finally I finished the work. I bound some logs with the rope, I’ve also taken with me, together and wanted to lift them over my shoulder, as a stabbing pain ran through my body. I localised the source of the pain and saw a wolf, biting and scratching me. But some things were different. Usually wolves hunts his victims in packs. Otherwise they would be too weak. These kind of wolves were unknown to me. He wasn’t like a normal forest wolf. His skin and hair changed the color. The wolf looked purple and sometimes grey. It looked like an mutation. But how could a wolf mutate in such areas. Could it be a spell of a magican? And a bell rang in my mind: A magican? Spell? Ohh no. The wolf came through the portal and the cave.
However this discovery didn’t care the wolf much. He continued biting and hurting me. And I had nothing to defend myself....But the axe. It was on the place, I dropped it before. I were 5 metres away, which was a long distance, undefended and attacked by a wolf. But I risked it. I could die while I ran to the axe or I die in the fight. The result would be the same.. Only with the difference, that I defended myself with an axe. I took advantage of the pause, between the preparing and making the next attack of the wolf to run and grab the axe.
The wolf recognized the situation quick and ran the couple of metres after me, to jump in my back. He caught me in my butt. I grabbed the axe and had a weapon. Now and I were able to use it correctly and with no loss of power. I swung the axe abound and hit the wolves chest with the blunt side of the axe. He loose his bite and I could undo me from him.
I turned myself around, preparing the axe for it’s last action today and striked him down with all the power, I had. The axe drove though the body, breaking him several bones, until it reached his heart, which couldn’t stand the immense force of the hit. It bursted and the body felt down on the ground.
I won, but couldn’t celebrate that. I had wounds to cure and I were now a possible target for other wild animals, because they smelled my blood.
The logs could wait until I would come back at another time today. But the axe had a value, so I had to take it with me, although the wounds didn’t make the journey easy with an axe on my shoulder.
I left the forest and felt secure again, which didin’t mean, that I could neglect my defense. Who knows, what could have awaiting me, although the sight was wide and the view clear.
But the destiny was kind to me and I reached the town, without any further complications. The town was quite empty. When I left it to chop down the wood, all streets and the market in front of the church were empty, too. What happened to the town? Where were all people? I wanted to open the doors to the church, but they were....closed? They could have beed locked, but why someone lock them, when no problems approached. I decided to knock the door several times. I needed the bandages or the heal spell of the priest or I wouldn’t even survive the following time. So I knocked harder and faster and increased that to the maximum. Every knock hurted me, because I hit against a metal door, but it didn’t open. What was going around here? Could there be any other wild animals, like the previous one, in the town?
But what was that? I heard some voices inside the church. There must be some people, hiding in the church. I continued, knocking the door again, but I didn’t notice any action from inside. I began to shout. And introduced myself, but even that didn’t help.
Now I sensed something behind me. I felt the was the aura of... something... undescribeable. I turned myself around and were shocked and paralyzed. It was a 3 metre high bear with a brown and grey skin. He stood 40 metres away, but he was so big, that I could see the 5 centimetre long teeths. He was full of blood. But it wasn’t his blood. He was unharmed. No injuries or wounds. It was the blood of his...victims.
And I would soon be a part of his bloody mantle, should nobody open the doors for me. And in this situation I made the worst thing, I ever could: thinking.
I couldn’t stand against such a monster. Even a guard, well trained and wielding a sharpened axe couldn’t beat it. The only thing that could harm him, would be a spell of any kind. However I’m just a lonely wanderer, not able to cast a simple fireball. It was time to say goodbye. I prayed a last time and prepared myself to run, whatever would happen. I hoped, that I could escape him on one of the various roofs. There were enough roofs, I could climb. I turned off my common sense and wanted to run, as hands packed my shoulders and pulled me into the church. After I were in it, I saw some dark creatures closing the doors again. It was the smith, Hargard, and the hunter, Jin.
I stood up again and wanted to thank them, as something jumped into my back. I had no doubt that Prilla was the person. Especially, because the person began to cry.
My wounds began to hurt, as Prilla layed her hands on them.
Poor Prilla. I didn’t want to make her feared. She didn’t derserve it. I turned myself around and we hugged eachother. I felt, how my happiness came back. And I couldn‘t believe, that I would have killed myself before, because I doubt I could survive.
But some things were more important, than simple signs of love...pure survival.
What could use me the love of a woman, when I would die in no time, should these...thing enter the church.
I freed myself from the hug and went to the other villagers. They stood or sit near the benchs. I walked in direction of them, as suddenly the whole church began to tremble. The 3 metre bear seemed to hit against the metallic doors.
Why should we wisper now? I stopped and yelled, that we would die, should we were not be able to kill these beast.
The church stopped trembelling and the silence came back into the halls.
I expressed some ideas, including usage of magic and killing the bear with spells. I also expressed ideas, including the usage of weapons.
But the only one with magic knowledge was the still tired Kel’Dun. We also had no weapons to fight with. And to the first time I wished, I would have been dead already. Killed by the bear and wasting no thoughts of survival anymore. But I were alive and had to care about my girlfriend. She should survive, even when I must sacrifice myself for the whole village.
Some remaining villagers began to pray. Others began to plan something, I couldn’t understand. But I had an idea. Maybe there is something useable in this building. Anything that is hard and sharp could help. I went through all rooms of this church and finally found some things. It were some forks and knifes in a cupboard. But that wouldn’t hurt the bear much. But what was that?...A gun? I found a gun, hidden behind the knifes. And I found ammunition. Such weapons were unusual for these lands. The dwarven and royal rifleman had long rifles with a wide barrel. That was one weapon, that could have been used by a goblin. Astonishing. But why could have a goblin put a gun into this cupboard? I put the gun and the ammunition, while the church began trembelling again.
I returned and showed them the weapon. All were suprised. It was our last hope. I loaded the gun, but noticed, that it was already loaded. I asked, whether someone had experience with that kind of weapons, but all denied. Jin prefered hunting with a crossbow or a bow aswell. And Hargard only forged the arrows for Jin.
The rest of the villagers were farmers and hadn’t experience with any new discoveries of the kingdoms.
I saw some dwarven rifleman using there weapons, but didn’t do it myself. It seemed, that I were the only one, able to wield and fire that gun.
I took the gun and aimed at the doors. They were quite damaged and had many dents. The doors wouldn’t hold long. I ordered all to go behind me and hide themselves.
I instead went a little back and aimed with hurting body at the entrance. The bear would straighten up after he would be in front of me. The trembelling and the following minutes were a fearing combination. I prayed a last short time until the door opened and the beast straightened himself up.

Time: 20 Moons after Sunfall
Place: Agaïs’s Fall / Inn „To the Roasty Pig“

Morning Same place, same reason and nearly same wounds. Prilla brought me a new can of water and a cup. And she told me, how long I rested. It was a bit longer, than last time, but I survived. Although Kel’Dun hadn’t made it. Prilla told me, that he sacrificed himself, healing my wounds. It was the same spell, he casted before for the man in the inn. But where was the man? The last situation, I saw him, was the inn. Maybe he is awaken and he could tell me something more. But I weren’t able to stand up. Because I lost my whole power, while fighting against the strange 3 metre high animal. But I were able to drive him away from our town. Finally we could live save again, at least for the next days, until his wounds recovered themselves. I used all my ammunition: 8 bullets at all and one already in the gun. The weapon had more power than expected. I had to lean against the force of the shot. It was a nice recoil. Luckily I were able to learn the weapon to handle after a short time. The bullets hit the bear in the chest or in the claws. So I made him unable to fully use them. But the bear was quite near and still able to kill me, as I lost my hold in the legs and collapsed. That saved my live, because the swinging claw would have killed me usually. But soon after the bear missed, I felt unconscious and weren’t able to see, how the fight continued.
Someone entered the room and broke the silence and my train of thought. It was the man, I’ve rescued some days ago. He thanked me for his rescue and put some money on the desk. This „should clear the situation“ was his last sentence, before he left the room. He was a wanderer....suprisingly.
Shortly afterwards another person entered the room. But it wasn’t only one. I were three to be exact. One was Prilla and the two others were... her parents?
Prilla began to cry and embraced me. Although I were still liying in my bed, she was able to embrace me. But she was too strong and I neeeded to release myself from her. I formed with the lips, that I would suffer under pain, when she had embraced me.
She excused and went back to her parents. They also seem to cry. But why should they cry? Her daughter was still save......What was with their son? Was he killed?
But the question should be answered exact in that moment, as they told me, that their son was one of the bear’s victims. He died. But I couldn’t fell any sorrow, because we didn’t meet eachother‘s much. Only when we all ate together.
They wanted to tell me something different, too, but I weren’t able to listen and I show that to them. They stopped, after the first seconds and went home. Prilla wanted to be near me, but she recieved the same signal by me. She left the room and I thought again.
Afternoon Nobody disturbed me anymore. And I had time to recover. I slept, thought or did both at the same time all over the day. The day ended as it began. A visit of Prilla’s family and a little look after me. Nothing special though.

Time: 21 Moons after Sunfall
Place: Agaïs’s Fall / Inn „To the Roasty Pig“

Noon I slept wonderful. And I recovered myself much. I were able to drink and speak again. Prilla visited me again, but not with her family. She cared about me and that was so sweet. I wondered, what Prilla’s parents wanted to tell me. I hoped I musn’t leave their house. However I were able to stand up and could get an answer. My movements were shaky. I were forced to stop on my way to the house on a bench to sit on. And I used the time to think, because I didn’t know whether Prillas parents would be in the house or what could await me there.
I could have returned back, however I didn’t do that. It was only a little way remaining. I forced my legs to step forward. Many times, until I reached my destination.
It changed a lot. The bear destroyed the roof partly aswell as the wall. The windows on the front side were destroyed. The door was demolished. But I saw the first damages, that had been fixed. They bought one new window and fixed some holes around the wall.
Gradually it was time to get answers and don’t stand around to watch some damages. I went in and was suprised, how familiar all was again. The bear damaged the hull, but not the core. I expected a greater difference. I asked Prilla to search her parents and bringing them to me into the kitchen. She began to search and I looked for a good place to sit down. It was definitivly the little bench in the kitchen, which fulfill the requirements. I sat down and were awaiting the three people, until they arrived. I also didn’t try to avoid direct questions. I asked them directly, what they were talking about a day before. Silence filled the room. But the Prillas mother, Jane, began to answer.
It wasn’t something to worry. I musn’t to leave the house. It was the opposite: They asked me, whether I would like to marry her daughter. I were paralysed. I courted for Prilla a long time and they would finally hear my prayers and let her daughter marry me? However....... I were curious and wanted to know, why they decided to do it now. The answer was as simple as the question was: I wanted to sacrifice myself for her and the village. That made myself to a hero for them. And a hero deserved a friendly and beauty woman as Prilla was one.
Afternoon I were happy all the rest of the day. And that gave me power to recover faster, than expected. I were able to walk correctly and help Prillas father James again.

Time: 24 Moons after Sunfall
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

Morning Today it was the best day by far. Prilla and me would marry and live together for the rest of our lives. I were excitiing the whole day. I helped enough people to affort a vest by the tailor. The only problem was the priest. Kel’Dun was dead and nobody else was able to take over his job. Fortunately our hunter Jin cancelled hunting for one day and searched in the nearby town for a priest.
Noon Prilla and me would marry at afternoon, but Jin didn’t return back with a priest. I had my doubts. I wanted that woman. Especially after the previous situations, where I nearly got killed. It was time to stop beeing a wanderer.
It was time to marry, but only with preparation.
Afternoon Jin came back and brought a priest of a nearby church. The empty church began to fill with guests and employees and the marriage began.
I came at first and Prilla followed 1 minute later. She wore a dress with embroderies on it. The dress was lightblue with a touch of green. Overall you could think it was fully light blue, but it was more like an blue ocean. Her pig-tail hang down and her face was surrounded by a veil. Whoever the tailor was, that made her dress, he made a good work. I felt so cheap, only wearing a vest. But im not very rich and nobody in the village knew me enough to present me a whole set for marriage.
She came to the priest, waiting near the altar and turned to me. Her blue eyes looked into mine and I saw, how happy she was. I swore, I saw a little pearl of liquid running down her cheek. I tried to control my feelings, but I also began to cry. I couldn’t even hear, what the priest was talking about. Fortunately I were part of many marriages and had a little presentiment, what he was talking about. It was the usual „the ghost and your ancestors will guard you until you walk through the gate of eternity“ thing.
I was still looking at her after the priest stopped saying and a choir began to sing, but that didn’t harm me. The only thing, that could ever harm me, stood in front of me and was willing to agree an permanent alliance between me and her.
The afternoon seemed to never end, but in ended at midnight. The great fete was over and all went to bed gradually. They all needed to work, even me. But Prilla and me had our own „fete“.

Time: 25 Moons after Sunfall
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

Morning I woke up. Prilla and me were in our bed. We had a beautiful night yesterday. The bed was untidy and Prilla and me lay totally naked on it. A little red mark was drawn on the sheet. Nothing could stop my happieness, not even the child Prilla would born in 1 year. I straighten myself up to grab the blanket and pulled her above me and the sleeping Prilla. But I forgot something: I needed to work. I dressed myself on and wanted to go outside, as a person entered the room. It was James. He looked at me and looked at Prilla. He apologized and gave me a present. It was very long. I opened it and recognized a sword. Something was engraved on it. „This sword is the sword of the man, who will change the world by his bare hands“.
He told me, that this sword was given to him by his father and that I should keep it. It was a belonging of a mighty human emperor, years and ages ago.
I thanked him and wanted to go out. But I couldn’t even leave the room. Instead he softly pushed me backwards and told me to support Prilla and that I have a free day today. The reason was: Prilla married yesterday and I saved the town. And so I said goodbye to James and went to bed again. I dressed myself off and joined Prilla again. But I were to loud and rude, that she woke up. She looked at me and I looked at her. And I got the feeling to continue. What a curse. After we got a woman the man must continue. But she looked at me with lust, too. And we continued playing „riding to Azeroth“
Afternoon Now it was time to stop. Although the 3 hours of riding were quite nice and exhausting. Prilla and me were tired. No doubt on it. But we needed to eat something or this was our last action together. We dressed us on and joined the rest of the family in the kitchen. However there weren’t only Prillas parents. There were many people of the town. Like the smith Hargard or the hunter Jin. They all had presents. Hargard gave us a sword...again. But that didn’t look like the one of James. He made a golden pommel with a fine metallic blade. Suprisingly he engraved something on the blade: „This is the sword of the savior. May he wield this sword in honor“. But he gave me a whole armor set also. „Should you get the idea to save our town again“, he said and smiled.
All started laughing, except me, because it was quite embarassing for me. I did it, because I wanted to save Prilla and not the whole town. It’s a bit of selfish, but whoever that will read in future shall know, that this person was and would be worth more than thousands of people ever would be. At least for me. The laughs stopped and we got more presents. Nothing special so far. Some bowles and some jewelries. It wasn’t of any interest, because Prilla and me could live without such things. We had eachother and a house.
I were very hungry. I haven’t eaten something today and that caused a little agression and depression. So I asked them to go home, because I were hungry. They apologized and left the kitchen. Afterwards we ate together and I talked to Prilla and James, while Jane was cleaning the dishes outside. After a while, Jane came back and joined our party. We talked quite a long time and that satisfied me. But the satisfaction disappeared, as James began a special topic. He talked about his death. It wasn’t a nice topic, but he insisted on it. I were forced to listen and I did. He wasn’t an old man, but he wanted to talk with his daughters husband. And he began to talk. It was amazing. This man in front of me was able to talk more about his dead, than I ever expected. He even talked about his past. And I wanted to hear more of it. The time flew and Prilla went to bed. Soon afterwards Jane did the same, but James talked and I listened. It would be rude to interrupt him now, even after he nearly told me everything.
And I could only profit by his experience. He opened me several new experiences and sides of him. He wasn’t always a farmer. Once he was a royal guard of King Terenas and his trustworthiest man, until Arthas came and struck him down. He wasn’t able to react, because the strange blue and icy blade paralysed him. Afterwards he needed a time to process his king’s death. He spent most of his money for inns, because he wasn’t able to protect his king, what made him feel ashamed. And in one of the inns he met his wife, Jane, which hated the urban life. They left the city and bought a house in Agaïs Fall, where Prilla was born around one year after. I asked him, why he left his job as a commander of the royal guard and he aswered me, that he didn’t left it volutary. He left it, because he was forced to do by the representative of the king. But they gave him some money, so he could live his life further. He revealed me a secret, which was, that he didn’t spent all of it and left some of it in one secret place – a hole in a tree. It was exciting, listening to him. And as he told me about his sword techniques and how he even could handle with an orcish axe. I interrupted and and asked him, whether he could give me lessons in his arts. He was quite suprised, because he didn’t expect my interest for weapons. He accepted and gave me the first advice, which was, to go to bed now.
I wanted to tell him, that Prilla and me were expecting a baby, but he stopped me, as I were opening my mouth to tell it.

Time: 30 Moons after Sunfall
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

Had no time to write in the book the past days. I trained, worked or trained, while working. Prilla worried about me, but I promised her everyday to come back in one piece and not totally exhausted. Some habits needed to be fulfilled. Some nice habits, by the way. So it wasn’t only an interest of her.
I slipped out of my clothes and made myself ready for bed. I learned enough, so I could beat monsters in masses.
Night I woke up and noticed the noise around me. Something happened outside. The noise came in and it sounded like some roars. Prilla was still sleeping, however I were awake. I slipped into the armor and took my bow, Jin gave me yesterday. He bought a new one and I asked him for it. It was a quite useful one. It had a little metallic handle with a small notch to fix the arrow and grant the best abilities to shoot. But it was a normal wooden bow, apparently used by hunters, that also could use a crossbow. Who cares. A weapon is a weapon. And the bow has his advantages, too.
The noises grew louder, that I were able to analyze these sounds as human sounds. I took my sword, always in my near. This advice was one of Prilla’s father. I went outside, paying attention to that, what could happen next. I went outside the room, looking at a mess. The door was broken down and hang there in the anchors, while the things inside the house were a mess. And suddenly a strange thing entered the room. It was a wolf, grey and purple as the one, I saw some time ago. Unfortunately, it wasn‘t alone. It had a companion. It was a cub, but even it was as big as the other wolf. I stopped my movements and prepared for battle. I hoped, that I would be able to attack first. I had the chance to kill one with one strike, should I hit him. I put down the bow in my left hand and took the sword. It wouldn’t be an easy fight. Two mostly unknown beasts against me and I were nearly undefended. Suddenly I remembered the golden rule of fighting, which is:“the wall is your friend in a fight for survival.“ I did the best I could: walking near a good wall and prevent making any noises. And they even heared me. It seemed, that the strange curse made them nearly deaf. I began to make thoughts about this. I could jump into the couple of the wolves and slay them directly. Or I could flee and set a trap. But somehow I decided myself for option number 1. I ran in their direction and lifted my arm to strike. They stood in the door and I saw the advantage, that suddenly revealed. The bigger wolf stood before the „cub“ and both were blocking the entrance. I were 2 metres before them, as they saw me and began to move. However it was too late...for them. I stood before them and hit the first one with the 60 centimetre long sword into his meanwhile opened mouth. The blade slided through his throat and reached his heart. The beast collapsed and the second prepared jor jumping. I avoided him, by quickly jumping a bit to the right side. He showed me his back and I used that to ram the sword into it. One hit was enough to cut of his lungs and give him a slow and painful dead.
I left the animal in his phase between life and death and went outside. It was a horrible scene. Villagers lay around in their crippled bodys, tainted in blood. Their wounds were as huge, as their bodys were and and as wide as a whole arm.The corpses nearby were eighter humans or animals. The villagers died in masses, but I saw a group of them, fighting. It was the only group, alive and maybe trained with the arts of fighting. And my only chance was it, to reach that group and join their fight. Easier said, than done, because there were a pack of wolves in front of them. If I were able to get into the circle, I could survive and serve the men with my hands. While I were thinking, what could happen next, one of the remaining wolves noticed my presence and attacked me. It was too late to avoid, but I were able to lift my arm. And while he was jumping, the blade cut through his body. He made his grave by itself. And in this moment I saw the chance, that opened for me. I ran to the group in hope, I wouldn’t die. The group was surrounded by a circle of beasts. And they didn’t notice me, although I were near them.
I wouldn’t be able to jump over them and get in the circle, but maybe I were able to make myself a little gap, to slip through. I noticed a man, which was bigger than all others in the group. It was Hargard, the blacksmith. I ran to the beast he fought with and helped him, killing that beast with 3 simple hits. But I were weak, compared to that, what I were yesterday and how much I trained and learned. I could have killed these beasts nearly on my own, but I were forced to go in the defensice attitude, which was quite bad. The beast fell down and I found my gap to ran into. It were only around 3 metre and Hargard noticed me. He slipped aside and I came into the circle. Jin was in it. He was severly injured. The only weapon I found, was his new bow, but he had no sword. He survived this madness until now only with a bow? It impressed me. But it didn’t care the beasts much. Another wolf took place, where the former one died. We couldn’t survive the onslaught, without a plan. That was out onliest hope. And some thoughts posessed me. I didn’t think much about it, because it was the only good plan. Many human emperors used nearby houses in a battle. They were like guardtowers. Place a man with a bow in it and watch how the enemies die in huge numbers. But most of the houses had a backdoor. It was the only weakpoint. What houses could have only one entrance. I thought and thought..... and then I remembered the old left house of the Rummenies. They were all killed by the bear, that attacked the town several daycircles ago. And it was quite near. Around 100 metres of way. But we couldn’t break our defense to run. Jin would be the first dying. And the slow ones would follow. But we could reinforce the side, that leads to the house. The only thing was, that I were the only reservist. And I would be the only commander. I gave everyonne the new order to move to old Rummenies’s house and took Jin and his bow. Jin was quite light, but I were exhausted and I thought he would weight 2-3 times more, than usual. We fought, until we were around 20 metres before the house. I shouted orders again. Jin wasn’t able to serve the group as an archer and I splitted the group in 2 groups. One was the group that served the whole men as archers and the other would defend the entrance.
We were a total of 8 people plus one injured Jin. 3 bows were available and the door wasn’t very big. So 4 should defend the entrance, while 3 (including me) would use their bows to minimize their numbers. The left one would care about the injured Jin. While we were fighting, the beasts numbers decreased rapidly. But one new one followed on every dead one. 5 metres away. We nearly did it. I took Jin and his bow. As the last beast between us and the open door was killed, I ran through it, in the house. Nobody was in it. And gradually all followed me. Some things were more important. At first Jin needed a bed to rest and a man, who would take care of him. Secondly we needed a good defense. I placed Jin on the bed upstairs and returned. I took two random men from the group with me and said they should fire all their arrows they have on the beasts. The rest were ordered to make a cyrcle around the door. The strategy was simple: One beast would enter and die. Another would take it’s place and die also. We would be able to create one barricade out of the corpses. But I forgot Jin and ordered one of the group, taking care of him. I were one of the archers, although I prefered fighting with a sword. I took myself a window and opened it. I gave one of the men my bow and took Jin’s one. It was very light. It was definitivly elven wood and handcraft. And it fully fulfilled his duty. I bent the string and were even be able to overstrain it. The arrow left my finger and the projectile flew in a straight line through the first beast. It hit his head and pierced it. The creature collapsed and a little barricade was created. I repeated it several times and ordered the man near me to follow my example. We held the house for a long while and killed dozens of beasts, until all were dead. No reinforcements by them. We won and we were happy. All together. Jin began to feel better. The bleeding stopped and he wasn’t in the critical situation anymore. All remaining citizens came out of their closed houses and I noticed how James came to us. He held Prilla on her hand, who was following him. They entered the house of the old Rummenies and I welcomed them. I asked her, whether something happened to her, but she denied. The wolves didn’t come to her, as I were killing them. I were more important and not the sleeping girl upstairs. We looked at eachother and the corpses. So many people died for nothing. I thought it was over, but suddenly we heard a strange noise. It was a strong roar and a creature came of the nearby forest. It was a very big creature and it was heading to us. It was...the bear. He recovered himself and promised us a hard upcoming fight.
We would have no chance in a melee fight, so I took over control of the men and ordered them to protect the last bation against that bear. The door was completely useless against the bear. He could destroy it with one hit. So I ordered all to come in. We were a total of 12 people, who had a weapon 4 archers and 8 swordmen. The amounts of arrows wouldn’t hold long, so we were forced to fight against him in a combat.

Time: 31 Moons after Sunfall
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

The bear came near and I felt, how the earth quaked. This should be my last sentences, before the bear kills me or we would kill the bear.
We prepared ourselves with enough men and equipment. But I guess it wouldn’t help long against that beast. It was time to fight and we were able to kill it.
The bear fastened it‘s movements and ran in our direction.

Time: 31 Moons after Sunfall / 1 year afterwards
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

I woke up. It was morning I guess, but it felt like noon. I worked too long and I hadn’t much time to sleep, because James cried all the night long. He was so disgusting, but was an inspiration to grab my diary again and fill the spaces between the events, that passed along the last year. At first, James, Prillas father died, because the bear killed him. He sacrificed for us and for nothing at the same time. All were suprised as he grabbed one’s sword and ran against the bear. He avoided the running bear and hurt him a little. He was very fast, although he was old. I wanted to help him, but Prilla stopped me and pointed at her stomach. The baby wouldn‘t have grown with a father, when I had been killed. And that decision wasn’t the worst one, because I were a witness, how James got killed by the bear with one hit. Bones got broken and the corpse flew through the air over a house. However he gave us time, we used to shoot all our arrows in the bears body. It was the 30th moon after Sunfall one year ago. Unfortunately he was quite fit and we were forced to kill him in a melee fight, like James did. The only difference was, that we were prepared and more than simply one villager against one beast. We were more than nine people and we surrounded it. We hit with all power, we could effort. However with a loose. The bear buried a villager beneath his corpse, as we killed it.
The follwing days were full of celebrate the victory and mourning for the fallen. However Jane died on a disease. Prilla and me found her in the bed, after returning back home to rest. It killed her silently and nobody of the whole village knew something about it. So we lost 2 beloved people in 1 day. It was quite a disaster.
But the life had to go on and I did my best to cheer Prilla up.
I guess, she finally forgot it, as he born us a son 3 months ago. We gave him the name of his dead grandfather. So nobody would forget his name. But after all nobody will forget that foolish old man, that sacrificed, leaving a crying wife and a daughter with her husband.

We worked several time, mourning for him, until now. The pain left our body and we began to return back to our former form and strenght.
But we weren’t the only ones changing. All changed their habits, however not for the death of James. They changed their habits at all: all woodcutter were adviced to take one hunter with them and every woman, who wanted to collect some fruits in the forest, too.

Time: 1 Moon beyond Winter’s Rise/ 1 year after James’s death
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

The winter began. Prilla and me began to remove the last pieces of the grains to guarantee an empty field for the spring time. Since we killed the bear and dropped his corpse in the nearby forest, all attacks of the animals stopped. It seemed, that the bear was their leader or a very good fighter. But although I don’t think, that they are enough intelligent to choose a leader for themselves, they suprised me and obviously did. I hope, some will die, so that the town would be safer.

Time: 18 Moons after Winter’s Fall/ 1 year after James’s Death
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

Morning-Noon The winter passed and the snow melt down. Prilla and me used the time to care about our little James and old James’s grave. Any freetime had been used up for relaxing moments, which happened rarely. The cause for that was the nonstop cry of the baby and the worms, that occupied old James’s grave for themselves and make my work harder though. But the freetime wasn’t used by us just for sitting around, doing nothing. Some things have to be renewed. „Riding to Azeroth“ was canceled since our first son was born. The town was mainly rebuilt over the winter and the attacks of the wild animals stopped, since the winter has arrived.
However the winter’s period will end someday and leave back the former peace.

Time: 30 Moons after Winter’s Fall/ 1 year after James’s Death
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

Morning-Noon The first amounts of snow began to melt, defeated by the sun. The time of peace will soon have an end and the animals would come back. Although I think, the next fights would begin, when a new leader of the pack has been chosen, I think, hat this wouldn’t take too much time. But, unlike some other townspeople, I decided to prepare myself for the incoming danger. I used the freetime, leaving Prilla back home, to work for several townspeople. Hargard, the smith, needed my arms more, than the others, because the supplies of the wandering traders gradually stopped and he needed one deliveryboy. So I worked for him the last 20 days. My task was simple: Get some money and buy some goods, written down on a list, for the smith. The goods were mainly iron and copper bars. To transport the goods he made a little sledge for me. However to prevent, beeing an easy target, he gave me more money to hire some mercenaries as protection. Otherwise the passed days would have been very dangerous. And today it’s my last delivery, before the wandering traders could come more often.
Afternoon Hargard thanked me today, again. Firsly, because it was my last day and secondly, because I used his money carefully and wisely. The result was: I gave him back more money, than he expected and he often told me to keep the rest for myself. And as usual I refused and gave him back the rest.
He was forced to take it and pleased me to come with him. He leat me into his little house, which lies directly to the smith, into his living room. It was quite dark in the room. He lifted his finger and and aimed at a strange object in the corner. I couldn’t see anything and asked for a candle to lit. Hargard, meanwhile approaching the strange object, lifted his hand and said, I could go out again. I were totally confused. Recently he leat me into the room and now I were forced to go out again. However I knew, that he wasn’t a rude person at all and went outside. It didn’t take much time, before he came out again, carrying some things in his hand and on his head. It was a complete armor. However this armor was shining so bright, that I were forced to close my eyes a bit. And he began to tell me about the armor, and how he found it.
That took a long time, but it ended after he wanted to give me the armor as present and payment. My answer was quite clear: I refused. However he didn’t want to hear it and closed his ears with his fingers. I shaked my head, but he closed his eyes. Although I didn’t want to take the armor, I were forced to do it. So I took all the items and touched Hargard on his body, that he could open his eyes again. I smiled at him and thanked him. I obtained a magic enhanced armor for free, which made me feel very ashamed. Rather was it embarrassing, but I felt both.
I returned back home and tried to get into it, but weren’t able to. Prilla was meanwhile in the kitchen and made the meal, as I came, too. Little James slept upstairs. She helped me and together we managed to put on the armor. Prilla was totally facinating, as I put on the helm at last. She began to smile and her mood totally changed into one joy mood. She was even so motivating, that she changed the meal from normal pork with some bread into pork with bread and fruits with a dessert.

Time: 10 Moons before Sunfall/ 1 year after James’s Death
Place: Agaïs’s Fall

Noon Today, The whole village had been visited by some strangers. I couldn’t count them, because they shared around the whole town and I were unable to see the difference between each of them. However most of them met into the tavern. I visited them and took a seat nearby. They were a little group of „adventurers“ and wanted to have fun. It was so typical for their young brains. I supposed, that their ages are between 19 and 22. I were correct. Nobody was older than me.
But they wanted to slay down some beasts and so I told them about the nearby monsters, that terrorized our town.
They listened very carefully and I described them, how these creatures looked like and what their weakpoints actually were.

They couldn’t stand still, as I ended my briefing and left the local with any goodbye or something like that.
Afternoon Our „Adventurers“ came back and firstly visited the tavern to rest a bit. Short time after, they announced, how they killed the beasts and cleaned the source of all: the nearby cave, I came out months ago.
It made me feel happy and so I decided to take a look myself. I said goodbye to prilla and went to the cave........

The End

Writer’s note: I intended to make an open end, because I am not sure, whether I should continue the story or leave it on my hard disc drive ^^. But it made definitevly fun, to write it and I want to thank you, dear reader to
1. Reach the end
2. Downloaded the story and at last
3. Will have fun, having some background information for Durwin’s Tale ORPG

I would also appreciate it, to become some +rep for my effort :)

Thank you for reading.

P.S: Critism is appreciated.
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Mar 16, 2009
Awesome sauce, with some spaghetti.
It's a nice story, and I'll gladly read and comment on it.
I'm curious what you and Nbah have written, and your stories inspire me to post more of my stories. I would gladly propose to let our stories fuse into one. Maybe the Portal leads to another world, my world. Heh, it would seem me great fun, but it's up to you bro.
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Mar 28, 2009
New part released. really long time of abscinence. I guess some already doubted, that it would continue. Don't panic. I wrote my exams and now I have freetime again. (still need to mention: story is already finished... just in my HDD ^_^)

EDIT: Triple post... mods will hate me ^^

Maybe i say something here: *Bump*
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Mar 25, 2006
Want to apologise for not being so active here, been busy with life etc. Anyways this is part of my semi-review I gave to Gaegamel. Keep rocking dude, you are the ones that keep the Story-writing board alive ;p

This was one hella-of-a damn nice story.You wrap readers with such a profound feeling with interest and delight. The style you use to describe every action of the hero is remarkable. The story started out very smooth, and onward. It takes you right to the point, his adventures. This is quite an interesting style. You should try describing the hero, his life maybe some quick cool life story, but this is based on your decision. The way you write, makes the reader dive straight in the epic adventures of the hero, arousing more interest etc. I just suprisingly love the whole "diary" idea. You can almost imagine what the hero is going through, how he deals with his problems etc. The aspects of the Portal structure were very nice. The way Jason describes it leaves the impression of a well life experienced adventurer. The countless raised questions are a good way to raise attention in this specific moment. I was really suprised with the amount of detail you spent on the ritual. The way Jason is forced to withstand the pain and survive in the wilderness is really thrilling. You can feel his relieve when he was able to get out of the cave. The way the diary's ''writer'' switches from the hero to the man is very interesting and poses more attention the the current actions. Again, you can feel Jason's pain easing when he takes a sip of that nice and refreshing water. Prilla was also notebly described very well and with great detail. Mostly notable are your grammar mistakes, you need to practise your overall English, but I must say this story was amazing, the ending was superb, leaving the story with a nice warm and open-ended feeling as you already stated. Your skills are amazing. Practising second-language and even making such awesome stories. My friend you are a true genius. With time I hope you will solve your grammatical mistakes, and start to make utter flawless stories.....
I enjoyed a lot reading your story.

I love the fact that he's a hermit that has no home. I believe that he should move once again, if he is a wanderer, he can't settle down with a nice pretty girl, he should have this girl in his memory as an adventure, as the wanderers do. This will for getting married can become a shameless passionate feeling that's already passed away by him. Surely, the most amazing thing is the fact that everything you read is going on in a diary and sometimes you can't figure out who wrote it immediately. That's completely awesome. Stick to this style. Men die - Books never do. =P
I didn't mention the typos because there is a mass of them, and only arrogant butthurt readers would be bothered because of them.
But one thing you can't make mistakes is words meanings, like this:
"...that we were exciting. A comparison could be: Exciting like a dog, waiting for his meal."
Exciting means what excites, and that can be used as a horny expression. You should say excited. Excited means 'in a state of hard-waiting'... I guess.

Overall, the story is awesome, but not only this. You are helping a lot to keep this section alive. I appreciate it so much. Keep doing it! I will keep reading.


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Mar 28, 2009
Thank you for your positive feedback. Nice to recieve a feedback after such a long time. Already finished the story. I will overwork and correct possible misstakes ( I already corected the "i's").
And added important scenes, that might satisfy the reader. NBah already read the story and you see his opinion :D

Just give me some time and I will send you the full story... because you merely read the first couple of pages ;)
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Mar 28, 2009
Story updated: Added part 4 :)

EDIT: Also changed the preface (not only the colour, but also the information)

Comment: Suprisingly I think, that this story will be my best. All other stories, that might follow, are nothing compared to that :)
I forgot most of the content and that's why I enjoy, reading it myself. Always keep that in mind
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Mar 28, 2009
After a long time in my HDD (Hard Disc Drive) and tones of thoughts, what to do with the rest of the story (because it was uncompleted in here), i've decided to fully release my work and make it public.
What you read now, is the uncensored, uncutted (and therefore with tones of mistakes) version of the story.
I hope, my effort will be rewarded someday. But i can tell one thing. The reward, i got while i wrote the story (meant is the motivation and fun) is actually enough.

Have a sweet story to read :)

Don't forget to read the Epilogue and the coloured sentence in it :D
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