Re-animation of an existing model.

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Oct 10, 2009
Oh boy, I'm risking quite a bit for asking this. Buuuut I ended up finding this decent model, of a decent video game character and It would be perfect for what I have in mind in my hero battle map...

And here it is. Could someone re-animated this existing model of Gray Fox from metal gear solid? It would be really, really, really amazing if you did.

List of animations required:
Attack 1 and 2 (Two slice animations)
Death (Myeh, you die.)
Spell (Gray fox crouches, with his hands on the ground. Almost as if he is preparing himself for an oncoming fight)

And that's all I really need, if anyone could help me with those. Or even do them.... I would love you forever.

Model and skin are attached:


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