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Tauren Champion by Taurenwarrior

Path: Taurenchampion.blp

Taurens are my favourite Warcraft race, and despite them being a race in WoW, I saw no real
Tauren models, so I decided to try and mod, some new ones. Most of mine Tauren will be animation transfers, geomerges, and new skins. I am trying to animate one myself, and I think you can expect one that is originally animated. This one is made by a geomerge and a skin. Please give credit when due. I made a different kind of Tauren champion in the past, but people called for a different one thus I made this.

Tauren models I've done in the past:

Tauren Warrior
Tauren Peon
Tauren Champion ( a different version)
Tauren Bowman
Tauren Slasher
Tauren Spear Thrower

all availible on wc3sear.com


RazorManeChief (Model)