Rank 0-5

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inspired by warhog and his icon BTNRank1 I created my own set of up to 5 ranks for Imago_ and his new Map Everglade.

Rank 0 (Icon)

Rank 1 (Icon)

Rank 2 (Icon)

Rank 3 (Icon)

Rank 4 (Icon)

Rank 5 (Icon)

Level 10
Jul 5, 2012
Can I see a big image of these?
Unfortunately no longer. I made them quickly after I was asked for so I didn't even save the psd file.
It's basically just 1 star image once in color and in gray scales. Additionally the grey ones got shrinked around 75-100% in size.

It was the laziest way to create this icon but it worked out fine imho. :>

I suggest also making an icon that shows "no rank," that would make this set complete.

Sure, why not. I will add it in a second. Just got to edit the uploaded file.
Yet i don't know how to add the rank 0 image to the preview collection...

#edit: nvm.
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